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The Sacrifice

Kamal was ten years old. He studied in the fifth standard. Allah had given him a good mind. He used to speak so wisely that people would be surprised. It was surprising because both his parents were illiterate. They lived in a small town. Kamal’s father used to work in the city. At the end of the month, if he came home for a few days, it was like spring in the house. He would have rupees in his pocket and he would bring some gifts for Kamal. He would leave his earnings in the hands of his wife, which she would spend very carefully. Inflation was increasing day by day.

Life was becoming difficult for poor people.

There was poverty in Kamal’s house too, but somehow, two-day bread was going on. Kamal’s education was also going on in the town school. Kamal’s intentions were very high. He used to say that he would become a big man by reading and writing and would do good deeds in life. Kamal’s house was small. It had only two rooms. There was a front yard with a neem tree. Under the shade of this neem, Kamal spent the beautiful days of his young life. There was no decoration in this house. He wanted his house to look like other houses. There should be a table and at least four chairs in the room. But all this was not so easy!

Kamal’s father Jamal and his mother were aware of this desire of their son. So after accumulating money for a long time, he was able to straighten his back. Now there was a door in it and four chairs and a table. There was a picture of Kaaba on the wall. Kamal now used to sit on the desk chair and read. He was happy that Allah had fulfilled his wish. His mother’s advice was to thank

He believes in Allah

Allah in every situation. Along with studies, he was also fond of sports. In the evening he used to play cricket in the street with the boys of the neighborhood. He loved cricket to the point of obsession, but when there were cricket matches at the national level, he missed out on live commentary because he did not have a radio. Many of his colleagues sat in their homes and listened to the live commentary on the radio. Apart from this, there were many good programs on the radio.

He would occasionally listen to a program on a friend’s radio. He wanted to have his radio, sweetie, that he could listen to whenever he wanted. This desire for Kamal had reached his father Jamal. He had made up his mind

No matter what happens, he will fulfill this wish of his only son. So they started saving some money from the labor money. After many months of hard work, Kamal’s father saved three hundred rupees and bought a good-looking radio. This time he was very happy on his way home. He had bought a very nice gift for Kamal. Eid was also near. He suddenly wanted to please his son. On the day of Eid, when Jamal suddenly gifted his son a radio, tears of joy came to Kamal’s eyes. It felt as if spring had sprung everywhere. The joy of Eid has doubled. His little heart began to beat with joy. Then he immediately ran to tell his friends this good news.

Now Kamal was very happy. In the evening, when he would go out with the radio, many boys would gather and sit together and listen to various programs.

What is the joy of childhood?

When you get something you like, how beautiful the world looks. Now Kamal had no worries and no sorrow. He was studying hard in school. Play on time, study on time, and serve their mother, that was his routine. One day his friend Rafiq came to him and said:
Bhai Kamal, the tea boy’s radio is broken. He wants to buy another red u. He will probably order a radio from town through your father. Then he asked me to see your read-you.”

Well, I will show him the radio today,” Rafiq said.

Kamal said.

Let’s go now.”

Kamal picked up the radio and went to the teahouse with his friend. The tea house was not far away. He used to play the radio on it all the time, but now it was silent because the radio was broken. The tea keeper saw Kamal’s radio. He also loved radio. he said:

Now if your father comes, let him talk to me. I will give him money and send him a similar radio from the city.

“Ok, I will tell Father,” Kamal replied and returned home. Kamal’s father was in town. He used to return home on the last dates of the month. During these days, labor was less, so this month Kamal’s mother was tight with money. As it was going on, suddenly Kamal’s mother fell ill. For the first few days, the mother did not care that she would get well on her own, but gradually her condition started to deteriorate.

There was a fever that was not known to break. Kamal was very worried. He was serving as an equal to his mother. He had also brought medicine from Hakeem Sahib, but it was of no use. Today mother’s condition was very bad. He was not conscious and there was no litter in the house. Kamal knew that the mother’s treatment was very important. There was a doctor in the town whose fees and medicine were very expensive. Kamal looked for money in his mother’s box, but there was nothing there. He was lost in thought. He had to arrange the money somehow. For a moment he thought of selling the radio, but then he shook it off.

Then what can be sold?

These chairs, table and This Dari, can be talked to someone for them? Thinking this, he left the house. While walking, he came quite far from the house where the sign of the auction house was posted. He spoke breathlessly to the auctioneer. The owner of the auction house listened attentively to Kamal and then sent his man to collect the table, chairs, and dari mangwali which were to be auctioned the next day. Out of compassion, he lends Kamal some money so that he can treat his mother. Kamal called the doctor. Mother got pneumonia. The doctor saw him and prescribed medicine. Mother continued to take medicine, but I don’t know what was the matter that it was not happening. The money that came from selling the goods was also gone in a few days.

Now there was nothing in the house that he could sell and his mother was still seriously ill. Then he picked up his beloved radio with trembling hands and walked towards the tea room. The tea shop owner was a selfish person. He took advantage of the child’s compulsion to buy Kamal’shalf of the three hundred radio, even though the radio was brand new. Kamal took one hundred and fifty rupees and ran towards the doctor’s shop. Again the doctor looked at the mother. Inoculated with medicine and then Allah took pity on the innocent Kamal. The mother opened her eyes and her condition gradually improved. After three days, she was much better.

Kamal son,

I spent a lot of money on my treatment. Where did this money come from? he asked.

Mom, don’t think anything. Everything is the grace of Allah and I am going to pay Nafl in thanksgiving because Allah has made you well.” Amma could not understand anything and became silent. Kamal got some of his radio and other equipment It was not sad. He was happy to see his mother healthy and was thanking Allah. When the mother was able to walk, she saw another empty room. Kamal kept his radio in the corner of the small bookcase, which was also empty. Mother understood everything. The son had sold his happiness for him. He hugged his son. A few days later, Kamal’s father came from the city.

When the mother told him the story of her son’s sacrifice with tears in her eyes, the father’s eyes were also filled with joy. He hugged Kamal and said: Son! You have paid your dues. Allah tests His pious servants and bestows His blessings on those who pass the test. You will also see every aspect of life, God willing. For now, there is a little good news for you. This time I got work every day and I have earned more than before.” Saying this, Jamal took out red notes from his wallet smiled, and placed them on his wife’s hand. After two weeks of continuous trouble, he returned home today. Spring had come in. Kamal was busy talking to his beloved Baba and Mother was looking at him lovingly.

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