Punishment for haste motivate kids by Educational stories

Punishment for haste

It is mentioned once that there was a king of Malik Persia who was very fond of hunting. In the matter of hunting, he was so brave, skilled, and courageous that he used to cross dangerous areas in pursuit of his prey. The king also kept a hawk which he loved very much and always kept with him during hunting. This bird also understood the signals of the king’s eye very well.

One day the king and his companions were out hunting when suddenly the king’s eyes fell on a proud gazelle (deer). Seeing the king, the gazelle twisted his neck and walked to one side stiffening his neck. Seeing this pride of Ghazal, King Salamat became bored, and giving a signal to his companions, he said: What is reward and what is pride? How dare he walk in front of me with his neck stiffened! King Salamat said in anger: Stop! What is it that has made you so arrogant that you are walking around with your neck hanging like this, remember now I will surely hunt you down.
Hearing this, the gazelle turned around and slowly took a step toward the king, and when he reached the king, he sat on his knees and bowed his head as if he were performing manners. Then suddenly he took a high leap and rode the wind to and from.

This act of Ghazal made King Salamat angry.

He was looking at his colleagues in shock. The king saddled the horse and said: Now whatever happens, I will continue to hunt him, even if I have to lose my life for it. companion, while the falcon sat on the king’s arm, keeping his eye on the prey. Those people reached the mountainous region in pursuit of gazelle. There they saw that the gazelle had hidden in a cave in the hill while filling furlongs.

In this difficult terrain, it was the turn of the eagle to show its far-sightedness and strong grasp. So the king signaled the hawk sitting on his arm to fly and shouted that now this prey is yours. Enter the cave at breakneck speed It was done and after some time, he took the gazelle in his paws and appeared in the service of King Salamat. The king’s companions put a rope around his neck and gave the king Salamat, the king was being dragged away. Reaching the plain, he loosened his rope and then forced him to flee. As soon as he jumped, the king shot an arrow and caught him.

Since the king and his companions had gone far in search of the gazelle, nearly half a day had passed in this endeavor. The heat of the sun and the heat had made them all thirsty.

The king and his horse were feeling the most intense thirst.

Suddenly the king felt a drop of water falling from a tree. They took off the small bowl tied to their falcon’s neck, and into it, they began to collect the drops. As soon as Badshah Salamat tried to drink the water collected in this bowl, the eagle immediately swooped down and knocked it over. The king again tried to fill it and drink it, the vulture again swooped down on it. Seeing this, King Salamat was very angry. He scolded the bird and said: Now if you do this, you foolish bird, I will give you the severest punishment for this insolence.”

When the king tried to fill this bowl for the third time, the eagle swooped and knocked it down. He took out his sword from its sheath and gave a severe blow to one of the falcon’s wings, which cut off one of its wings and fell to the ground.

The falcon took a flying flight upwards raised its head with a loud shriek and pointed at the tree. As soon as the King’s eyes fell on the top of the tree… his eyes were filled with fear and his throat was filled with thorns. Many poisonous snakes were lying on the branches of the tree that prevented throwing their poison, which the king was trying to drink as safe water and the falcon was constantly swooping down to prevent them from drinking that poison. If King Salamat and his horse had drunk that poison, their story would have been over in a few hours. When he regained consciousness, the king’s eyes fell on the fallen arm of Baz, and he was deeply saddened.

Oh my God!

What did I do? Wounded a sincere and loyal companion who Constantly preventing me from dying.”

The falcon was flailing on the ground. Seeing this, the king shouted:

Hey, hurry up, do something quickly, save his life.

But as soon as King Salamat’s companions came near him with medicine for the wounded falcon and the king lifted it in his lap, the bird looked at the king and died.

Dear children! This incident teaches us that we should never act hastily.

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