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Good behavior

Let’s go back and call someone from your house, otherwise, I will not let you sit in the class today. As soon as Naz Main heard these words of Miss Asia, she got scared. His body began to tremble and thick tears flowed from his eyes and fell to the ground on his withered face. Nazanin was a third class student. She was a very worthy, intelligent, and hardworking student. Every day she tried to reach school early but still sometimes she was late. Even today she came late. This was because he had to groom his younger sister as well. Although he found this work very difficult, it was his compulsion because Nazanin’s mother Abu died in an accident, after which these two sisters started living with their grandfather.

Nazanin was very fond of learning

Her father had admitted the two sisters to a private school. Even after the death of their parents, these two sisters started going to school. Nazanin used to get up in the morning, iron her sister’s clothes and put them on, clean her shoes, put her copies of books in the basket, make her breakfast, then get ready and go to school. Today her younger sister was stubborn that I would not go to school, which would have been prepared She was late, by the time she reached the school, the assembly was over and the children had gone to classes, as soon as Nazanin reached the door of the class,

Miss Asia’s scolding words stopped her steps. Miss Asia was her class teacher, who was new to the school, she did not know that she had no parents, and she scolded Nazanin when she asked to bring someone from home to complain, and Nazanin hiccupped. Stunned, she didn’t know what to answer. Sir Salim was standing in his class watching this scene. Unable to let them go, he left his class and went to Sir Amir and told him the whole story, and sent him to Masan’s class.

As soon as he left, Sir Amir first put his hand on Nazanin’s head and silenced her in a loving manner, then said to Miss: “I am her head, make her sit in the class.” Sir Amir called Miss out of the class. told about the accident of her parents and said that it is important for the teacher to keep information about his students and also take into account their problems at home. He hugged him put his loving hand on his head and encouraged him.

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