A lamp of hope motivate kids by Educational stories for children

A lamp of hope

Tania’s parents died in an accident. After the death of her parents, she started living with her uncle. Tania’s mother was very cruel to her and no one said anything, her aunt used to do all the housework for her and used to beat her for small things and Tania used to cry remembering her beloved parents, reading and writing to her. He was very fond of her but Cha and his aunt did not even send him to school. While their children were studying in a very good school. She looked at her uncle’s children with great regret and thought,

I wish! If my mother Abu was alive, I would have studied, then some more years passed and she continued to be patient, now she had grown up so much that her relationships had also started, but how could a girl marry him, she was free. I was a maid, her aunt had no mercy on Tania and used to torture her unnecessarily, one day she broke a precious glass vessel on which her chi beat her very much.

She wept profusely and, despairing of her life, reached the bank of the river to commit suicide, just as she was about to jump, someone caught her hand. Looking back, there was an old woman.

The woman said

“Daughter, what are you doing? Don’t you know that it is forbidden to kill yourself?” What is the reason you are doing this? So Tania tearfully told him the whole story. He was very sad after hearing all this, then he said, “Good girl, I am very sad to hear your story, but even more sad is that you are displeased with your life and angering Allah, and this is very sad.” It is wrong and you are such a sensible girl, where you have been so patient, just be patient and the fruit of patience is always sweet and its reward is sure to come. My prayers are with you. See, very soon your uncle and daughter will realize that they are doing wrong.

Come on now you go home after saying this the woman left and Tania also came home, Tania was very ashamed that she was doing wrong. If that woman had not saved him, perhaps both his world and the hereafter would have been ruined. The next day Cha and Chichi went for a walk with the children and left him at home. She was working when the phone rang and she found out that Cha’s car had a bad accident and they were all in the hospital.

When she did not recover, she forgot everything and continued to serve him, so her uncle and the girl were surrounded by the feeling of regret that the girl whom they had treated so badly, had done so badly. She supported us in time and forgot everything. Then he apologized to Tania, then Tania also forgave him from her heart. Tania’s uncle taught her to write. Today, Tania is very happy that her patience was rewarded and that the old woman’s advice came in handy.


Literature of the teacher

There is a famous saying. The polite is lucky, the unpolite is unlucky. That is, he who does literature gets what he does not do literature, he is unlucky. If you want to gain knowledge, study the teacher because it is the teacher who gives us knowledge, and enables us to gain knowledge. A teacher is a symbol of knowledge. The value of a teacher is the value of knowledge. He who does not value a teacher does not value knowledge. The sooner a person learns this secret, the better so that he can get busy with work without wasting an iota of his time and energy.

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