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The wise bird

A pair of sparrows lived in a nest on a tree on the bank of a river. A snake lived in a burrow under a tree. He often ate the eggs of this bird, which caused both of them great distress. This year also the sparrow laid some eggs in the spring. The bird, the bird, was very happy. They were sitting on the tree branch enjoying the weather. By chance the prince came here, he liked this place and thought why not take a bath in the river?

The prince took off his clothes and went down into the river. He also put the diamond necklace on top of the clothes. The bird was watching all this. Suddenly, the gazelle fell on the snake, which was going inside its burrow. The sparrow and the sparrow returned to the nest. Do you see that their eggs are missing? They both started shouting. They came to know that the terrible snake again destroyed their wealth. Is. The bird was crying when it noticed the necklace on the prince’s clothes. The bird was very wise. A recipe came to his mind,

He said loudly.

You go and pick up the prince’s necklace. I will make noise and attract the soldiers. It is yours Will run back. The soldiers reach you and drop it in the harel. Chade did so and threw the necklace into the snake’s bill. Suddenly something fell inside and the snake got scared. He wanted to stick his neck out. A soldier was standing outside. He immediately cut off the snake’s head with his sword and left with the necklace. As the soldiers left, the sparrow and the sparrow went into the snake’s burrow and brought back their eggs. See children! By his wisdom, the bird saved his home from ruin, and the cruel snake was punished for his deed.


The result of careful reading


Maria was a very naughty child. She would take other children’s lunch, and make noise in class All the girls understood him, but he had no effect. His mother complained many times and the principal of the school even threatened to expel him from the school, but his father loved him very much and was influential, so he recommended him to the class. They would have been given the first position.

One day

A new girl named Hadiya came to his class. Hadiya was a very intelligent girl. Maria used to eat Hadiya’s lunch often because Hadiya was a very good girl. so she did not mention this to anyone. Hadiya became many good friends. The annual exams approached and Hadiya worked hard. Maria used to read with distaste because she knew that somehow her father would get her the first position by recommending her but this time it didn’t happen. In between exams, her father’s health worsened and he had to be taken to the hospital. Maria could not be recommended and failed. Hadiya won the first position. Maria had now learned her lesson, she realized that only those who work hard succeed and so she began to study with all her heart.

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