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Blind pauper

The Kingdom of Khorasan was ruled by Bakht Shah, who was a very good and God-fearing king, but his minister, Dilawar, was a very arrogant and bad-tempered person. One day Bakht Shah went on a journey with the Wazir. A slave was also with him. All three of them were riding their respective horses. They were passing through a desert when suddenly a huge storm surrounded them and they were separated from each other. When there was a storm, they started looking for each other. Ghulam saw a hut at some distance from him. There he saw a blind beggar sitting there. Ghulam asked him:

“O blind! Has any rider passed this way?” The fakir replied:

“brother! I did not hear anyone’s voice. Hearing this, Ghulam went ahead. After a while, the Dilawar minister passed by. He saw the blind poor man and asked: And the poor man! Has a rider passed by?

Fakir said: Yes, a slave on a horse has passed through here some time ago. Dilawar moved on.

Some time passed and Bakht Shah also came here looking for the minister and the slave. When he saw the fakir, he got off his horse came to the fakir, and politely asked: Dear Sir! Do you know of any riders who have passed through here?

The blind poor man said:

Yes, where refuge! First, the servant of the Prophet passed through here, after that, the minister passed through here.

King Bakht Shah was very surprised to hear this and he asked the fakir: “Dear sir! You are blind, how did you know that I am the king? And how did it come to know that first the slave and then the minister passed through here?” The fakir smiled and replied:

Awesome! Your servant addressed me as blind, your minister addressed me as Fakir and Huzoor addressed me as “Sir Mishmada”. So I guessed who was what from the way they spoke.” Bakht Shah was pleased with the words of the blind fakir and sent him away after giving him a lot of reward. On reaching the palace, Bakht Shah informed the slave about the impoliteness of the fakir. Then he called the minister and told him about the conversation with the blind poor man and explained that a person should talk to someone younger than him with kindness and civility. The minister was very ashamed of his behavior. He carried away his bad temper and pride for the future.

He believed what the elders said

Children who listen to adults benefit in every way.

O, forgetful children! If you say obey the elders, if you want to obey the elders, the elders of the house love them more and do not ignore their advice. Who knows our good and bad better than our elders? Therefore, it is important and good to listen to what the elders say. Children who do not listen to their elders, and their younger ones also do not think it is necessary to listen to them.

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