Punishment for disobedience motivate kids by Educational stories

Punishment for disobedience

Ahmed was an intelligent student but he had a bad habit of being unruly and often disobeying his elders, due to which he had to suffer a lot. His mother was saying. “Son! It is very cold today and there are clouds in the sky today, it might rain, so don’t go to school. I am going now, Allah Hafiz! Seeing Ahmed going to school, he quickly said: Hey son! Wear a sweater and a hat, it’s very cold, you’ll catch a cold.

But he had one rut that he must go to school.


I will come back and wear it.” He said carelessly and left the house. His mother kept calling him.

He was on his way when suddenly the clouds started to rain. The rain gradually intensified Gone, he rushes to the school as it rains but is disappointed to find that the school is closed and the main gate is locked. He could not go home in the rain, so he sat in front of the school door. Disobeying his mother’s advice, he did not wear a sweater and cap, due to which he was feeling very cold. Embarrassment engulfed him as he shivered from the cold. He was very sorry for not obeying his mother’s advice.

He shouldn’t have come to school today. Shivering with cold, he was thinking with many vows in his heart that in the future he would surely obey all the advice of his mother and follow all her words. He was so lost in his thoughts that he did not even know when the rain had stopped. He went home with a rain-soaked body and heavy feet and hurried into his room, changed his clothes covered himself with a blanket, and went to sleep. His mother came into the room and said almost scolding: “When you were told not to go to school, then why did you go?” Now get up and drink this warm milk and you will feel better. He quickly sat up on his mother’s request took a glass of milk and started drinking it.


I feel so ashamed today that I didn’t tell you Yes, Mother! I will never do this again, forgive me.” He finished the glass of milk

“Today you have been punished for your mistake and after this mistake, we can only hope that you will not do this in the future,” said his mother.

Yes, mom!

I will never do this in the future,” Ahmed said.

“True. Mother speak.

When Ahmed spoke, both of them smiled uncontrollably.

See children! Allah Ta’ala does not like those who do not obey their mother’s words and punishes them soon so that they can correct their mistake in the future. Why don’t you do that?

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