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Don’t leave today’s work for tomorrow

Coming back from school I thought I’d rest a bit first then do some other work and today got a lot of school work too. The aunt also goes to John’s place and also has to prepare for the comparison aunt ceremony in her school. It was five o’clock in the evening when he woke up. I didn’t want to get up but Mother’s scolding finally forced me to get up. Come on, now when I wake up, I feel fresh, but in the evening, I could not be completely fresh until I had evening tea with everyone. The eyes were still meeting. I thought that I would leave and go to Aunt John tomorrow. The school function is also tomorrow, for which it is necessary to prepare today. She will also write Baji’s vows tomorrow and will also make preparations with them. Baji has been a very good compere.

In the events organized in schools, colleges, and other places, the comparing duties have been performed well and have always been first, so there is no problem with comparing. Aunty will call Jan and tell him that I will not come today but tomorrow and today you did Chana chaat has been made as per my request, keep it in the fridge, I will come and eat it tomorrow. Right now I was talking to Aunt John on the phone after my mother’s permission. That’s fine. Aunt John, I am holding the phone.

Baji is calling me.

I heard Baji’s voice, Soora, come with me to the kitchen to make food. Yes, bro! came. I answered in a tired voice.

Holding the phone, I headed to the kitchen, thinking in my heart: “What have you been doing since I came home from school?” Neither the evening sweep nor the plants have been watered. Now, if I tell Baji that I can’t do much work with you in the kitchen, Baji will say what happened since you came from school. Come from school, eat, sleep, wake up, eat, then sleep, no! This is not right. I quickly go to the kitchen and finish by shaking Baji’s hand, then I will do my work. Surah. Come here I replied from the kitchen.

“Yes, Mother!

Sonthe younger brother is sleepy, makes the bed quickly, and asks Baji how long it takes to eat. After finishing the kitchen, I started making the bed. Which was my work. I got free from this work in ten minutes. Schoolwork was still due. When I looked at the time, it was half past eight. I thought that now I have no work, why not do the school work? Meanwhile, the aunt’s daughter Nida got a call. She did not come to school today due to important work. She is my very good friend. We both go to school together.

It was ten o’clock after telling Nida about the schoolwork. I put the phone down and turned around when the light went off. Oh, nine! Whatever it was, Light had to go now too. I only had five minutes of work left. Now let’s sit outside. Waited for 15 minutes, but the light didn’t come on. By 10:30, my mother started scolding me “Waiting is enough, stop work and go to sleep. In the morning, the eyes don’t open. Keep waking up, keep waking up, but This girl may wake up on time. They start waking up at dawn, then go somewhere and wake up at school time. Mother’s scolding was still going on when the light came on.

At half past eleven I told my mother to go to sleep, I have slept so much during the day that I may hardly sleep now. Well, sleep is not a special thing for me. I fall asleep whenever I get a chance. I’ll only be up till half past twelve, just an hour, a little work to do and some ironing to do.

Amy said:

“Sleep all day and work all night. Not an hour, you only have half an hour. I am waiting till eleven. Hurry up and come back after finishing.” I lay down on the bed at the appointed time given by Mom. The schoolwork was completed as it was, but the aunt could not go to Jan’s house the next day, and Baji was so busy that she could not even write a letter to her. Aunty Jan was getting angry that for a week you have been saying that I will come today, I will come tomorrow, but I have not come yet, we cook your favorite things and eat them by ourselves. I said:

Good Aunt John! Don’t be angry, I will tell you to come soon. I persuaded the aunt by talking here and there, but the next day, guests came to the house, and Bachi just…Baji and Ami remained busy in their care. Oh no, now what will I tell the teacher that I haven’t written the comparison even today, I took two days from the teacher, what should I do now? How nice it would be if I had school the day after tomorrow She would not sleep after coming, she would also tell Baji about the ceremony, she would also go to Aunt and  John’s house, and school work would also be done in a calm manner as usual. I thought that today’s work should never be left for tomorrow.

Whatever work is given should be done on time and after that day I got a lesson that I will not leave today’s work for tomorrow. Doing so will neither cause embarrassment nor hurt anyone’s heart.

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