Greatness in hard work motivate kids by Educational stories

Greatness in hard work

As always, I woke up early in the morning. He didn’t want to get up at all

Still, she had to get up, otherwise, she would be late for school. Her eyes were burning like day red eyes which was due to reading late at night, as usual even today her mother lovingly advised her to see her red eyes.


Don’t study so late at night, that way you won’t get enough sleep.

Then Aram said:

But Mom, if I don’t work hard, how will I be able to get an A grade on the exam?

You know Nida always gets A grades.”

Does she also work as hard as you?” asked her mother, Aram replied sadly.

No mom!

She didn’t work that hard but still always took the first position in the class and I came second despite working so hard. School religion came and she left to go to school. Aram was a student of 8th standard, she was very fond of reading and she used to study with a lot of heart. She was the only daughter of her parents, so her parents loved her very much.

A classmate of his was Nida who was also his friend. Being more intelligent than her, Aram always tried to surpass Nada in her studies. But every year in the exam, Nada got first division and Aram got second division. He was angry that Nida didn’t work very hard and still took first place every year, but how? She gets upset thinking that everyone in school likes Nada, which makes Aram jealous of her friend. Even today, she was sitting in her room reading at night as usual when her mother came with a glass of milk.

She placed the tray on the table and sat near Aram. Aram had disturbed something. They patted his head lovingly and started saying. “There are two types of good students, one who is very intelligent and the other who is very hardworking.” Eram started looking at him. He continued his talk. Your friend Nida is intelligent, a gift from God. Gifted) then she takes the first position in every exam.” Aram said:


What is the fault of hardworking people? Aren’t they God’s gift?” His mother started smiling after hearing this and said: It’s not like that, son! Hardworking people are also God-gifted in a way, they also have many talents. They work hard to achieve their goal. Everyone likes students who work hard.” Aram said:

But mom!

I also work so hard but still come second. So you should not forget that hard work never goes in vain. The fruits of labor must be found. His mother said: Is. Indeed, you are a hardworking girl, but somewhere or the other there must be something, due to which your marks are low. Hearing this, Aram fell into some thought and then said: Yes, mother! One thing is that during the paper I often forget what I have memorized and the first letter or the first sentence of the answer to the question often slips out of my mind.

That’s the point. For that, you should write down what you want to remember so that you will not forget what you have remembered.

Aram found this strategy a little difficult but he decided to remember it like this now, then he started to follow what his mother told him, worked harder than before, and when the exams came, he took the first position. She was very happy. Finally, his hard work had paid off. Thus, she stopped being jealous of Nada and started believing in hard work.

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