Punishment for theft motivate kids by Educational stories

Punishment for theft

Hassan and Hamad were very good friends, they went to school together and studied in the same class, but Hamad had a very bad habit of stealing, whereas in Islam, a person who steals is punished by having his hands cut off by Hamad’s father. Gives twenty rupees and still he is not happy while Hasan takes five rupees. One day, when Hamad’s paper was due, the teacher made the whole class sit outside. When all the children sat down, Hamad threw his half-pitch and it occurred to him that the whole class was outside, the teacher too, and the teacher’s purse was lying inside.

I made an excuse to the teacher. My rubber is in the bag. Bring it? So the teacher permitted him and he came to the class, he took out the money from the teacher’s purse and came out and came out and started doing his paper and that became his daily routine. One day he went to the class under the pretense of the teacher and was withdrawing money from his wallet when Hassan saw him withdrawing the money and explained it to him.

“Hamad, stealing is a bad thing. Put the teacher’s money back in the wallet. What will you do with 1,000 rupees?”

Hamad said:

I will eat delicious things from it.”

Hasan said:

“You bring me rupees every day, doesn’t it fill your heart, found” Hassan explained to him that in Islam, the hand of a thief is cut off and we were taught by the teacher about theft in the book of Islamiat and you on it. Did not act, while we should also act on the knowledge we learn, but Hamad did not listen to Hassan. Hassan threatened Hamad that if the teacher finds out. he will expel you from the school and humiliate you in front of the whole class. will also be

Hasan explained to him and came out of the class. Meanwhile, the teacher came to the class from some work and saw Hamad stealing from his wallet scolded him, and took him to the principal that he was stealing money from my wallet. The principal also scolded him and sent him home.

When he reached home his mother was upset to see him coming so early and asked him why. He told the whole story while crying. His mother Abu was very sad that our son behaved so badly. While we give him rupees every day still he steals. what a bad thing. fly Thus he was punished for stealing. humiliated by the school and the family.

Conclusion Therefore, we should also avoid stealing so that Allah does not punish us so much.

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Golden words

Books are guides in youth, entertainment in old age, and companions in loneliness.

Only those people in the world respected the teachers.

There is very little harm in being honest, but the benefit is great.

The study of human faces is more interesting than the pages of books.

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