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Tears of regret

Fazlo Fazlo Sikandar shouted to his servant Fazloo. Varji Sikandar Sahib” Fazlu Baba almost came running.

Make a failed milkshake and bring it quickly.

Ali who was Sikandar’s friend and classmate also lived nearby. Today, Alexander was holding a glass when the glass fell on the ground and shattered. Sikandar started talking to Fazlu Baba in a loud voice. He was so angry all the milkshake fell on his clothes.

had a cricket match and he came to Sikandar’s house to pick him up. He came to her house for the first time. After a while, Fazlu Baba brought the milkshake, and Ali and then Fazlu Baba picked up the broken glass with trembling hands and tears were flowing from his eyes. Sikandar’s father was a big businessman and his mother was a well-known social worker Sikandar was the only child of his parents and was very selfish due to pampering. When Ali saw Alexander talking to his slave in this tone, he felt very sorry for Alexander’s behavior. Incidentally, Sikandar also had to go to Ali’s house to understand some questions. Apart from Ali, his mother and siblings also lived in Ali’s house. Sikandar greeted Ali’s mother. Ali’s mother answered the greeting and at the same time called Rashid Baba to make tea, when Rashid Baba came, he said. Ali’s mother also made the employee, Rashid Baba, tea herself. Rashid Baba was drinking tea and talking as if he belonged to this house. Alexander was surprised to see all this. Ali’s mother was talking to Baba saying that you are not in any pain. Rashid Baba was looking very happy in our house.

Mom and Dad!

You make tea, the children will drink tea.” When Baba brought tea, Ali’s mother made tea for everyone herself. Baba, why are you standing, sit down.”

After Rashid Baba left, Sikandar said to Ali: “Ali, in your house, you make the servant sit with you and drink tea.” Ali replied: Yes, we are Muslims, and being Muslims, all human beings are equal, and as far as Rashid Baba is concerned, he is greater than us and we should respect him and this is also humanity. I kept thinking about behavior. After going home, Sikandar first apologized to his servant Fazlu Baba for his wrong behavior. Fazlu Baba also forgave Sikandar with a sincere heart. Tears were flowing from Alexander’s eyes. These tears were tears of regret.

Ali’s words had a deep impact on Alexander’s heart and they all went home

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