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Iqbal was my classmate in 10th standard. He was a very intelligent and honorable boy. Tuition was the only source of his studies and pastimes. He studied in the morning, taught in the evening, and prepared connotes, etc. at night. He was always happy with his friends. From his good-natured demeanor, no one ever noticed that he was an orphan and a destitute boy. Even Iqbal himself did not pay attention to these things, he used to spend every day in struggle in this regard, when I would encourage him and say: You are indeed a very hardworking and cheerful boy. I am very impressed with your temperament and character.

So he would say in reply:

Hey, leave these things, this is your love, otherwise, the truth is that I have many flaws.

I was not going to school due to typhoid, one day when the fever eased I went to Iqbal’s house. He was lying on the bed lost in thought, he sat up as soon as he saw me, but today He didn’t greet me like he used to. His face was pale. Seeing his face, I asked. On my insistence, he said, “Raees brother, what should I hide from you, you are aware of every aspect of my life. I am very worried, if there is any work, let me know if I have received tuition. Iqbal, why are you so sad today?” “No, Rais Bhai,” he replied with a smile. “No, there must be something, tell me what it is.”

It’s good to go.”

Well… I will tell you about this in the evening. A friend of mine Asim needs a tutor for his brother’s children, I will talk to him. But your
Tuition was passed, how did this suddenly become a problem? I asked. Both tuitions are still there but two tuitions have been reduced. Last week due to a fever, I could not go for tuition for a week, meanwhile, Ghani has taken over two of my tuitions by telling Zahidbhai and Nafisbhai about his false problem. Iqbal told me and I consoled him and came home. In the evening I went to Asim. And said:

“Asim, you were saying one day that you need a tutor for your brother’s children, I have spoken to my classmate, and if you say so, make an appointment.
Give me.

Look at the coincidence, just before you came, Jafar Bhai had brought the children of a gentleman to teach, I have also promised them, that their name is Ghani.

I am sorry to hear this. He asked after seeing my face.

“What is the matter, why are you worried?”

I said . The fact is that I hesitated a bit, and then he asked me more strongly, “Tell me what is the matter.” On this, I told everything about Iqbal. That’s all, you send Iqbal from tomorrow.” He said, I happily got up. I reached Iqbal at the same time and told him the good news in one breath.

I have taken revenge from you on behalf of Kum Bakht Ghani, what should he also remember? “What kind of revenge do you mean? He asked. “Hey Bhai Ghani took over your tuition, I took over his tuition.

Hearing this, Iqbal sank into a deep thought, then he stood up and said: Rais Bhai, I will not do these tuitions. Answered. But he has also taken over your tuition. This is the reward. If you don’t do the tuition, where will you pay the fees? How will you take the exam? I tried to explain.

He silenced me by saying this. I can never do such a shameful and despicable act. My God is the Lord. He will suffer as Ghani has done to me. If evil is rewarded with evil, then what is the fun? Fun is when evil is rewarded with good.

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