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A passion for goodness

Noman, where are you going, you have just come from school. Naaman’s mother, who was sitting in the yard, saw Naaman going out and asked. Mom, he is not going anywhere, he is just going to friends. Son! You just came from school, you didn’t even eat and went outside, what’s the matter? You will not tell me. Nauman never lied to his mother, so he told his mother that he and some of his other friends would gather at the city supermarket today to collect donations.

When Nauman’s mother heard the name of the donation, she said why, Mother, the thing is that some boys in our class cannot pay the admission fee and you know how much our college fee is. So all of us friends have thought together that we will bring some money from our homes and collect some donations so that the year of these boys will not be wasted. Naaman! If your father finds out that you are standing in the market collecting donations like this, he will be very angry, so it is better to ask your father first.”


I’m not doing anything bad that will make Dad angry, anyway, I’m alone No, I have other friends with me. “No, Noman, I will not allow you to collect donations. Anyway, this is not your job. If people don’t have money, why do they study in such expensive colleges? are If you are admitted to government colleges, the fees are not so high.

Amma how are you talking if people who don’t have money have no right to study in good colleges, as far as govt colleges are concerned there are good studies and fees too. Not so little. Our teachers have also collected some money together and this is good work. If we do our part, nothing will be harmed. Naaman’s father who was listening to his words immediately came and hugged Naaman and happily said, “I am proud of my son who thinks not only for himself but also for other children.” Take whatever money you need from me so that no child is left because of non-payment of fees.

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