The value of time motivate kids by Educational stories

The value of time

Mehmood and Ahmed were students of 10th standard, and both of them were very close friends. They were residents of the same neighborhood. There was also coming and going. Mahmood and Ahmed were two people in one life, keeping the quality of life above all. None of their work was complete without each other. They used to study together, play, and pray together. If someone tried to separate them, due to their good nature, they would make him their hostage too.

Everyone in the neighborhood was very happy with their strong friendship, they were the life of the neighborhood. They never realized how fast time passes, and then one day a sudden flood swept away everything. Mahmood and Ahmed’s friendship got lost somewhere in the darkness of time and they were separated from each other.

Mehmood moved to Lahore to save his future from the darkness caused by flood disasters and raise his family, and Ahmed chose Multan. Despite such destruction, Mahmud wanted to complete his education and support his family, while Mahmud was intelligent. He was also wise and knew how to turn time into success and manage the available resources. On the other hand, Ahmed was intelligent but did not care about education. As long as Mahmud and Ahmed were together, they followed each other’s advice and even hid each other’s faults.

As soon as he reached Lahore,

Mahmood collected information about various schools without wasting time and saw the relevant advertisements for employment. A few days passed in this hard work. One day, he saw an advertisement for the academy, it was written that teachers are needed.

Mehmood noted the address and went there. He knew how he could get a job if he didn’t even pass his matriculation, but trusting in Allah, he went out. Allah helped him and he was successful.

He worked so faithfully and sincerely that the professor of the academy took responsibility for bearing all his educational expenses, so Mahmood quickly became busy achieving his goal.

On the other hand,

Ahmed neglected his education and started working as a clerk in a shop. Ahmed the owner was also very nice. He also helped her a lot so that she could easily meet the expenses of her family. Ahmed Malik himself was less educated but he was aware of the value of education. He often told Ahmed: “Get education along with work, you will see the benefit of it later, Ahmed did not want to hear this, but time waits for no one. Mahmood passed his matric with distinction marks. Lia and got admission in engineering. At the same time, he started teaching as a home tutor. Thus Mehmood’s expenses of engineering education started to be met easily. Meanwhile, his father also rented a shop and started working in garments.

His mother was skilled in sewing and embroidery and knew about the women of the neighborhood who did this work. Allah Almighty blessed him with such grace that the garment work also started to set its goals successfully. Ahmed was behind in the field of education. His parents also did not show wisdom and put his future at stake. After the death of Ahmed’s shop owner, his sons fired Ahmed from his job. Now he stumbles from door to door. But he was forced to realize the value of time, so nothing could happen now.

That’s why it is said

that before time becomes the past, turn it into a bright lamp for the future. The right decision taken at the right time can brighten our future. Gone time does not come back

A farmer’s son used to waste time in sports to no avail. The father explained a lot, but he did not change his habit. Finally, the father thought and came up with a recipe that he took his son to the field with him in the morning on a spring day and said: “Son! Today, the best hair seeds that we will pick from the field will grow many plants from this one seed. But the condition is that you go straight out of the field and break it.

There is no order to turn back and break. Now you go to the field and get seven or eight of the best hairs.” The boy eagerly went to the field. Where many ripe sticks were facing left and right. But he understood that in the future he would meet even better. Don’t break a lesson until you reach the other side. Where there were still unborn sons. Yes, I came to go to the field and hear good things, but it was a condition not to look back. That’s why I didn’t have to go back empty-handed with worry.

Father said:

Son! Did you not see that there is anyone good?” He answered. There was one good one among the hairs on the edges of the field, but I thought that in the future I would find even better ones. If not, the hair on that side was still raw. The father said: “Ignorant boy! You have wasted your time unknowingly. Now I can’t go and cut my hair again.

When the son bowed his head in shame and regret at his ignorance, the father said: This is just the example of time. Which comes once and never comes back. A wise man is always ready to choose happiness and never wastes time in futile hopes.

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