A wealth of talent motivate kids by Educational stories

A wealth of talent

A rich man lived on an island. Who was very fond of hunting, but while going hunting, the land of a poor basket maker fell in one place. Nursils were growing in this land. The unevenness of this field and the pain of passing through the nurseries were very unpleasant to Amir.

One day the rich man called the poor man and said:

“You give us this land.

The poor man replied:

“Huzur! My livelihood is on this. I don’t want to sell it.” He set fire to all the nurseries and burned them. At which the poor man went to the king crying. The king called the Amir and asked him how he was doing.

Amir got angry at this. At first, he beat the poor man well. Then it grew on the ground

“Indeed, I have killed this wretched man and burnt his field because of that.”

He did not obey my orders.” The king said: “In the false pride of wealth, you have wrongfully injured an innocent poor man, and caused great harm. Although your great-grandfather was even poorer, he became the owner of so much wealth thanks to our own family. At this time you are becoming so proud of his heritage. To me, this poor man is better than you because he earns his living by his hard work.”

Now the king ordered that the rich man and the basket-maker should be left naked on an uninhabited island.

Where the wild men lived.

The savages saw them and wanted to kill them at first. But the basket maker begged them through gestures and explained that we would serve them. At the same time, a hat was made from there and put on the head of a wild animal. Jangali was so pleased with this crown that he always had his whip to make hats. But Nagi Amir got so angry that he was beaten and unconscious because of his inability to make hats. Finally, the Amir got tired of his life and said to the hat maker: If you free me from these barbarians, I will dedicate half of my property to you as soon as I reach home. Hearing this, the poor basket owner explained to the wildlings by signs that this was my helper. Don’t say anything to him.”

On which the savages did not tease Amir again. Instead, they started feeding him along with the basket man. As soon as the week ended, a government boat came and took them from here to face the king, but now the state of the Amir was like this: The king heard all the stories and said to the Amir: “You have seen the palace of wealth.” How unsustainable and how foolish and unworthy he is to be proud of it. The real rich are those who know the skill and can work hard. Now go.
His whole body turned yellow and cold as if there was no blood in his body.

Fulfill your promise and give half of your wealth to this poor man.”

On reaching home, the rich man handed over half of the property to the poor man according to the agreement, and thus the poor man reaped the fruits of his patience and wealth of skill.

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