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The Honesty

It is said that Noshirwan Adil often used to change his appearance at night and see the condition of his subjects.

One night he arrived at the house of a landlord who was famous for giving feasts. Naushirwan went to his house dressed as a merchant and knocked. So the noble landlord happily opened the door took him inside and began to serve the guest with full enthusiasm.

He was given food and a bed, sewed in his place, and respected and respected for a long time. In the morning, when the king prepared to leave, he brought breakfast with tea and asked the guests. If you wish for anything else, ask for it so that it also appears. The king had seen that there was a fine garden of ripe grapes near the man’s house, but he did not ask at night, nor did he feed the grapes. So he said: I like grapes very much. If possible, get them too.” Hearing this, the zamindar told his son that he should go to so-and-so zamindar and give my greetings and ask him to lend a couple of ripe grapes. The king asked:

“Why didn’t you order grapes from your garden?” said the landlord.

Even the official man saw them and did not take the official share and until he took his right, it was forbidden for me to eat and feed even a single grain.

The first king was pleased with his behavior, now he was even more pleased when he saw this honesty and integrity and forgave the garden tax forever.

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How to talk?

Dear children!

When talking to friends, you should never use phrases like, “That’s completely wrong.” You know, that’s a total lie. Similarly, humorous sentences are also mandatory. Friendships are made slowly, but they don’t take long to break.

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