Lower the head of a pride motivate kids by Educational stories

Lower the head of a pride

A herd of elephants lived in a forest. Among them was an elephant king. He was very funny and proud. He was very proud of his deal doll and immense power. Everyone in the forest was afraid of him. If someone accidentally came in front of him, he would crush him under his feet. When he would pass through the forest shouting, all the animals of the forest would enter their homes. He used to uproot trees passing by. All the animals were saddened by him and felt helpless and weak in front of him. One day they all went to Sherji together and cried.

The lion, who was the king of the forest and whose roar made the whole forest tremble, also did not want to get mixed up with that bad-tempered elephant because he was also afraid inside. The king elephant was so intoxicated with his power that he would sometimes get angry with the elephants living in his herd. Before him, no elephant had the freedom to lift its trunk. Elephants and elephants used to stand in front of him with their trunks bowed. Once a baby elephant was foolish enough to play with his trunk and he killed him.

One day

He was angry that hundreds of feet of vandalism in the forest fell on the ground. Many wild animals had to worry about their grass and were forced to leave the area. Many animals died of hunger. And weak animals came to the plains and fell victim to the fury of donkeys and eagles. Once again, these weak animals of the forest together took their cry to Sherji and wept and told him their grief. After all, the lion was a lion, he got very angry and called his companions. For a long time, he pondered this issue seriously. After much deliberation, it was decided to attack this cruel elephant from all sides

Be done and be humbled forever. During the night, the tigers attacked the king from all sides. The king was also very clever, he had already anticipated this attack. Therefore, he attacked the lions in such a way that the lions had to run away to save their lives. Two lion cubs were badly injured. A tiger’s leg was broken. As the lions became low like this, a wave of fear spread among the rest of the forest animals. They knew that the king was so cruel and spiteful that he could take revenge on the other animals for this attack by the lions. Many animals hid because of fear. Thus, many years passed but the cruelty of Ra Jahati did not decrease.

one day

He was going towards the forest, and on the way, the pickets were looking for grains. Ra Jana crushed these ants under his feet and killed them. Hundreds of ants died. All the ants that had survived were shocked to see the condition of their companions. A very detailed an said, “This elephant is too proud of his power, if I do not mix his pride with dust, my name is not an ant.” An ant, who was very sad, laughed and said, “Look at your position before you brag so much.” Will you bring down the king whose name makes the whole forest tremble? You will humiliate the king whom even the lion has defeated?

I am having sex with your words. We must get out of here before that tormentor sets his ill-fated foot on this path again, lest we suffer the same fate as our comrades. The other ants slipped away but the one who announced to teach the king a lesson did not move away. In the evening, when the king elephant began to return, the ant lay in wait. As soon as the king passed by, she got on his back crawled up to his ear got into it, and started biting him from the inside.

The king first got up,

Then started beating his feet on the ground in anger, when the pain became severe, he started beating his trunk on the ground uncontrollably. The ant was very amused by his eagerness and mischievousness. He Started cutting the eardrum. King Lotan returned to the earth like a dove and continued to beat the ground in agony until his breath expired. The news of the king’s death spread like wildfire. All the animals came out of their homes and started celebrating the death of the king. The ant came out of the king’s ear like a winner. The rest of the ants welcomed him warmly. This story teaches us that we should not be proud of anything because pride always has a low head.

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