The end of idleness motivate kids by Educational stories

The end of idleness

There was a beautiful house of flowers on a high hill. A beautiful little flower in this house opened its eyes with the first rays of the sun and said at once:

Oh well! How hot is this sun? Saying this, the little mountain flower closed her eyes again and fell asleep. After a while, his mother ran her hands through his hair, caressed him, and said:

“Son! Wake up, it’s time for you to grow up and you’ll have to earn your food, son! Raise your green plants and receive light from the sun so that you can grow.

Little Phulkami opened her eyes and saw her mother, who was already up and receiving rays from the sun. Little Phul Kami said: Mother, I don’t like all this, wake up in the morning, even sleep is not enough. I can’t get up early every day. To which the mother said:
Son Comey! If you do not get up in the morning, where will you get food, then by eating stale food you may get sick and you will not be able to increase your height.”

Kami said:

“Mother! I don’t know anything, now let me sleep”. After a while, Kami fell asleep again. Mother said: Kami get up, stop sleeping, it is harmful for you Kami get up, dear son”. But Kami did not listen to her mother and her mother got busy with her other work. After a while, his neighbor came who was the same age as little Phul Kami, he said: Aunt Jan! Can’t see where Cami is? Kami’s mother said: “Son! He is still sleeping. he said:

Saying this, Kami let her green leaves loose to catch the cool air from below

Aunt John! It’s time to sleep too. I woke up early and got some sun rays so I could grow up. Now I’m going to exercise. I thought I’d take Kami with me. Aunt send him quickly or else the sun will come on his head. Mother said: Son Phool, you pick him up, he doesn’t listen to me. I have woken up three times since morning.

Flower said:

Aunt John! I pick it up. Phul went inside and came disappointed and said: Aunty! I went to exercise, but Kami didn’t care at all. Aunty, save her, otherwise, she will regret it one day, God forbid.

Days passed like this in Kami’s settlement. One day when his relatives came to visit Kami’s house, his mother saw that the flowers of her son’s age had grown quite large and Kami was still small. Now Kami’s mother was very worried about Kami and scolded Kami very badly and made her realize then Kami said: “Mother I am very ashamed that I did not listen to you and preferred to sleep. If my age was older, Kami would get up in the morning, get the sunlight, and now he would get his food, but he could not grow up because he used to sleep during his growing age. Now Kami would say:

have gone and are more healthy too”. What can happen now was my fault”.

I saw the end of the village. You should take advice from Kami Flower because whoever doesn’t work on time, doesn’t wake up on time, or doesn’t sleep on time, is like Kami, time waits for no one, those are good children who benefit from time. Pick up.



Meeting Etiquette

Dear children!

At the time of meeting, greet with a smiling face and initiate the greeting.

If you go to someone’s house, take permission at the door.

Never visit someone’s home at times when they are resting.

If you go to meet someone, just talk about work. If someone comes to meet you, make him sit with respect and honor him according to your ability!  someone invites you, accept his invitation.

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