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The Pen theft story

Do you remember when we were studying in fourth grade?” I was sitting next to Qasim at that time. We lived in the same neighborhood and studied together till the fifth standard. “Yes! This is something to forget.” Qasim smiled and looked at me. “Your writing was very good. When the respected teacher used to write hard, he used to reward you.” He wanted to hear the next thing.

“Your pen was stolen once?” I hesitated.

Yes, it happened. What does it have to do with this?

I had stolen. I said this with great difficulty.

Qasim almost screamed.

“Yes! I am asking for forgiveness.” I looked at Qasim’s face.
But he was found again.” Qasim was remembering something because the matter was very old.

But what! He also stole and then kept it. His surprise had not subsided yet.

I just smiled in response.

Tell me the whole thing, brother Ahmed! Don’t add to my confusion.”

And then I started telling Qasim;

“Our teacher used to make us write on the board. You know that he used to work hard. He was very kind and kind and used to reward those who wrote well, with a rupee or two, and by this act, he used to create enthusiasm among the children. My writing was not bad, it was not good either, it was just obligatory. Sometimes there was a reward, but very little. Your writing was very good and you often got the prize. Why, I’m right


In my answer, Qasim said only.

I got this desire that my writing should be like yours. He had a childlike mind. I thought that your pen was very good and this whole feat seemed to me to be a pen
And then one day in my passion to improve my writing, I stole your pen. There was no one in the class and I took the pen out of your bag. That day I was very happy that I had a good writing pen and I soon sat down to write on the board. But what is it? The writing was still the same as Visi’s, and I was very worried. Qasim was smiling. He immediately said: Then what happened… Why did you keep the pen? The next day I told this to the honorable teacher, and he said to keep the pen there secretly and then he started working hard on me for my hobby. Now thank God

I write well.”

After saying this, I looked at Qasim’s face. You have done well to choose your respected teacher for guidance. I was very sorry that the pen was stolen, but when I found it the next day, I was very surprised and to this day I could not solve the mystery of why someone had picked up the pen and put it back. You solved my problem!

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