Regret after losing everything Children’s educational meals

Regret after losing everything

Thus, there were various colorful flowers in the garden, but in a corner of the garden, a bulbul would sit near a rose flower every day and the flower would bloom happily seeing it. All the flowers, palms, and birds in the garden were jealous of their friendship, but a butterfly did not like this, it was jealous (irritation) of their friendship.

One morning

when Mali came to water the plants, he was accompanied by his young son. Butterfly got a concoction and flew in front of Mali’s son. Mali’s son wanted to catch the butterfly. Tali flew ahead of him and brought him to where the bulbul was sitting on a branch near the flower singing and her attention was on the flower. When Mali’s son caught sight of the bulbul, he gave up chasing the butterfly, caught hold of the trampled little one, took it home locked it in a cage, and hung the cage against a neem tree in the courtyard. Today the butterfly was very happy. But the flower withered. He was saddened by Bulbul’s departure.

The next day

the fly flew to Mali’s house on the other side of the garden wall. He saw Nalil sitting in the cage sad and there were tears in her eyes. Bulbul like thisTattali was very sad to see the caged sadness and started thinking, what have I done and now how can I free the bulbul?

When night fell, the butterfly went to a nearby hill where chicory would fly up to the sky in an attempt to catch the moon and then come down in frustration. When Chikuri sat down tired, the butterfly narrated the whole story to Chikuri and said help me, come with me, and open the cage door with the help of your claws.

Why should I do that?

I will not go there. Butterfly said you can free Bulbul. Perhaps you will reach the moon in return for this good deed.

After hearing this, Chikuri agreed with Nautical. Tali brought him with her to Bulbul’s cage. Chikuri opened the latch of the cage door with her claws. Bulbul was lying dead by the door. Chicory picked up the bulbul in her claws and took it along with the spleen and placed it on the ground in front of the flower. The flower had withered. A gust of wind came.

A leaf scattered on the ground. The butterfly felt very sorry for what she had done and sat down and started crying.

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