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The fruit of patience

In a certain village, there lived two farmer brothers. A game of luck that the younger brother was very poor and the elder brother was very rich. The elder brother would always say to the younger brother that you are poor

It is written in fate, you can never be prosperous. One day the younger brother left the house to try his luck. He was certainly poor but hardworking and dedicated

The lyrics were ripe. On the way, he saw that a king’s settlement was being built. The strange thing was that when the palace was completed on one side and the artisans started working on the other side, the first

The side part would fall automatically.

The king looked at the farmer and asked:

Who are you? Where did you come from?

The farmer said:

I’m going to try my luck.”

The king said:

When you fulfill your purpose, remember me and ask someone wise why my fortune is complete. Not happening?

The farmer promised the king and went ahead. There was a river on the way. the river

A big turtle came out of me and asked:

O traveler! Who are you? where are you going?”

The farmer explained the purpose of his journey.

Turtle said:

“When you succeed in your goal, remember me, I live in the cold water of the river, but my chest is always on fire.” The reason for this from someone to ask.

The farmer also promised the tortoise. The tortoise made the farmer sit on his back and

Brought across the river.

Now the farmer felt very hungry. Also Che’s Peter was in front. He ate some potatoes

Broke and ate. All the potatoes were bitter. He threw away the potatoes and started cutting the tree so that no one else would eat the bitter potatoes unknowingly. Meanwhile, the cloche tree cried out:
I am worried about why my fruit is so bitter. O traveler! You ask a wise person the reason for this.

The farmer also promised the tree and went ahead. There was a forest on the way.

Here he saw a thatched hut. The farmer entered the hut with the idea of ​​persecution. An old pauper was sleeping there.

The farmer sat down next to him. When the poor man woke up, the farmer started to go.

The fakir stopped him and said:

O traveler! I sleep for twelve years continuously and wake up for twelve years continuously. Now it’s time for me to wake up. You protected me during my sleep, I love you

I am happy. Tell me who you are and where you are going.

The farmer said:

I am a poor man, out to try my luck.”

The poor man put his hand on the farmer’s head and said: “Son! You don’t need to go forward, go back the way you came.”

The farmer said:

I have promised a tree, a turtle, and a king that I will find answers to their questions. I can’t go back until I get an answer.

The fakir asked the farmer three questions and told them the answers:

Son, these are the answers to your questions.

The king’s daughter is young, his palace will continue to decline until he marries her.

Allah has given the tortoise a wealth of wisdom, but he is mean. He is holding it to his chest. Ask him to share his wisdom with others.

There is a treasure buried in the roots of the potato plant, if that treasure is taken out, sweet potatoes will be found in it. The farmer took this answer and went back. First, he went to the cloche tree and told him the reason for the bitterness of the fruit.

The tree said:

Dig up this treasure as soon as you can and take it with you.

“The farmer did so and took with him as much treasure as he could carry. Then he approached the tortoise and told him why he was always burning. The turtle was happy and gave half of his wisdom to the farmer.

Finally, he reaches the king and tells him why his palace keeps falling! The king was very pleased with the farmer and married his daughter to him. So the farmer
Ra became Ja.

Then one day he invited his elder brother to the court. The elder brother was surprised to see him in the court as a king.

The king said:

You used to say that poverty is my destiny. But look! I made my luck.

The elder brother was very embarrassed. The younger brother forgave him and invited him to his palace along with his children.

Dear children! That is why older say that the fruit of patience is sweet.

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