BARAT the Story of Groom Children’s educational meals

BARAT the Story of Groom

Thus, every day we used to hear strange stories, jokes, and advice from grand Grandpa, but Sunday was reserved for all of us brothers and sisters to enjoy these things. Sometimes, apart from the stories, a discussion would also start on a topic. All of us would have actively participated in it and the decision would have been left to Grandpa. He used to listen to us quietly and when our discussion was over. Then it was his turn. the Story of Groom.

Like a critic, he would describe the merits and demerits of what we thought and said, then say that so-and-so had the best opinion on today’s topic and who had been successful. Similarly, on a Sunday night, the wedding rituals were being discussed,

when Grandfather suddenly asked the question,

the Story of Groom

“What is the benefit of telling the procession?” Can’t the bridegroom get married without a procession?

We all answered according to our ideas. Someone said that to make the marriage more colorful, someone said no, these people go together to witness the marriage of the bridegroom. Because whatever we said, Dada Jan declared it wrong.
Finally, we had to admit that we don’t know why Barat is called Barat and said:


You shed light on this topic. Then he said that in earlier times the population was not as large as it is today. Today, villages and towns are settled nearby, and travel has also become easier. Railways, motor vehicles, and airplanes have made travel nearer and easier in all countries. Earlier, people used to travel long distances on foot.

If someone had to go to a place like Lahore from Jhelum, he would hug his relatives and leave home after crying in a painful voice. Similarly, most of the villages were located several miles from each other and one had to travel for three or four days to reach from one village to another. On the way, there were forests everywhere, in which blood-drinking lions, leopards, and wolves lived. Apart from the beasts, thieves and robbers also lived in these forests and were very cruel and barbaric. If a man came under their control alone, they would kill him and loot all his belongings.

Ritual of Barat

This ritual of Barat came into existence given these dangers because the bridegroom when the bride

When Bea went, she would always have jewelry, cash,  and clothes with her. If they two or three If he went with men, the forest robbers would kill them and take away their wealth. When people saw these conditions, they made it a habit that whenever a groom goes to marry his two sisters, he should take some number of men along with him to be safe from these dangers. So gradually it became a permanent ritual and even today it is considered necessary to have a procession with the groom. But now that all the travel facilities are available and there is no danger on the roads, what is the need for this procession?

It’s just hurting yourself, the partygoers, and the bride’s family. This work can now be done by two or three men. But we people still follow the old rituals without thinking, by leaving them, we think that our noses will not be cut off. We should calmly think that our honor will not be lost by giving up bad customs, but honor will be lost when the debtor comes and knocks at the door and asks for the loan back in humiliating terms or a crowded market. Humiliates by putting his hand on the neck in front of people.

Ignorant people

Some people proudly say that how can we leave the work done by our fathers? Were they any less wise than us? This is their ignorance. These ignorant people should know that conditions are always changing and man should change along with them.
They were also our forefathers who used to walk in the forests without clothes. But today we consider it completely against our culture to do our bodies without clothes. They cover their body with different kinds of clothes. Then our forefathers used to travel long distances on foot. But today why are we enjoying traveling by bicycles, motorcycles, buses, trains, and ships? Don’t we have feet?

Dear children! We should take advantage of the good things leave the bad customs and follow the path of Allah and His Messenger (PBUH), that is wisdom.

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