Allah or God the Creator of all Earths and Heavens for all creatures

Allah or God the Creator. Allah made 7 Heavens and 7 Earths and all other planets between them, its Creator of human, Owner, Organizer, Provider, Master, Planner, Sustainer, Cherisher, and Giver of Security. Rabb is also one of the Names of Allah. We have used the word “Lord” as the nearest to Rabb.

Allah or God the Creator

All life’s in all planets is given by Allah. Allah made time, controlled all life and death, and served them food by their Angels. Allah has different names but in the Quran 99 names are given.


In the Bible by Jesus(AS), Torah by Musa (AS), Zabur by Dawud (AS), and all other books in India Bhagavad Gita and Vedas, etc. all books say that GOD has one and GOD is written by different names on this books but the books accept that GOD has one and only one.

How many prophets are on earth?

Allah sent 1 lakh 24 thousand messengers on Earth towards humans for one GOD worship whose name is Allah.
Allah gives different powers to their messengers to declare the humans their Prophecy tell them about Allah and tell them to worship only Allah. But humans deny their messages when they are alive. When messengers die they worship messengers by making their statues. Humans Riot in the world and fighting with each other’s. Two nations fighting with each other on this point that our prophet was right and other said no our prophet was right. All prophets are right but we are not right. GOD never stops their food for humans’ bad sins. GOD sends another messenger. But people doing the same thing to them. GOD sends DOOM by weather change (blind and storm) for awareness but they never worship Allah. So now the last DOOM for humans is the day of judgment after this human gives life good and bad deeds in front of Allah.


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