Who is the lucifer, Devil, or iblis by islam and its effect on humans

who is lucifer or Iblis?

Who is the lucifer.The origin of the generation of Iblis is called Tarranus. Tarranus existed in the world one hundred and forty-four thousand years before Iblis. However, this was an unruly creature, the first death of the Tebellis generation was caused by the angels after 36 thousand years of birth, which was due to rebellion. Here, the first time death began, there was no death before that.

First Gaint messenger

Later, a virtuous jinn named Chalpaniz was entrusted with the guidance of the giants. Those who were entrusted with the responsibility of guiding the giants were declared the kings of the giants. After that, Mamos was given this responsibility. Chalepa and Tablis were born during Mamos’s region. Because of these two giants, the whole nation started saying that no one could defeat us as long as Shashan and Tablis were among us. Because of these two, the giants of the nation started reaching the sky and used to go to the third sky to do mischief. In this way, the angels attacked them by divine order and gave them a terrible defeat.

How to Meet Lucifer with Angel

At the same time, when Iblis saw Azrael (peace be upon him), he fell into prostration. Makari was full of hypocrisy, he went with Malaika and made a formal announcement of repentance. And then he began to receive knowledge from the angels, this was the knowledge of gaining knowledge and austerity that he became known as Abid in the first heaven, ascetic in the second heaven, Bilal in the third heaven, Bilal in the fourth heaven, Taqi in the fifth heaven, and Qabazan in the sixth heaven. This was the time when he used to teach the angels, I was with him in the sky, Iblis stayed in the light,

When the Devil declares teacher of angels

He was declared the teacher of all the angels of the seven heavens. He circumambulated the throne for a year. Here he became famous among the angels as the teacher of the chief Azazel. He was the teacher of the close angels for more or less 30,000 years. For more than 80 thousand years, Iblis was ordered to support the false Paradise and Rizwan and to make the people of Paradise deaf with their knowledge and grace, thus Iblis got permission to enter Paradise. Also in heaven, the doctor watered Jannat Rizwan with his knowledge; thus, which makes people guilty of evil and makes evil appear good and desirable the keys of Paradise and Rizwan remained with Iblis.

Iblis started dreaming of kingship

For the first time, Iblis started dreaming of kingship, at that time Iblis had the authority of the heavens, the heavens, heaven, and hell, and he prostrated secretly, but here Iblis wandered for the first time out of humility and made himself a king and became a lord. He started seeing dreams and talked about Lordship in front of many angels, but he became silent due to the denial of the angels, and the system went on like this, but Allah was not unaware of all this.

The creation of Adam

Then came the stage of the creation of Adam. Iblis watched Adam (peace be upon him) being created step by step from different types of clay and remained silent. But as soon as he realized that this Adam (peace be upon him) was the servant of Allah, then he Wawela gave the link between worship and obedience. then ridiculed that he refused to worship as much as he did and Adam (peace be upon him), then Allah Almighty said, “Get out, Satan, rejected curse.”

He asked for compensation from the Lord, upon which. Allah gave Iblis a respite for a certain period, upon which Iblis claimed to make the children of Adam astray from the straight path and make them his followers. On which the Lord Almighty said that those who are pious and pious will not be able to lead them astray.

Lucifer five companions

In this cursed work of Iblis, he has five companions. which are very dangerous for humans.

Number one is Sober

He has a business of troubles in which people cry, tear their necks, slap their faces, and shout slogans of ignorance.

Number two is Awr

which makes people guilty of evil and makes evil appear good and desirable.

Number three is Masut

It is engaged in falsehood and lies.  It takes the form of humans and meets them and tells them false news to create mischief.

Number four is Dasim

It enters the house with the human shows the faults of the family and makes. The man angry with the family then the man fights with his family.

Number five is Zakynur

It has the control of the markets. In the bazaars, it raises the flags of indecency, it incites evil and obscenity.

Jizya of Iblis

The Jizya of Iblis for refusing to prostrate to Adam (peace be upon him) was jealousy. Which forced him to ask why Adam i.e. dust got my place. This is his Jizya. There was arrogance and pride that. I am superior and it was not a matter of denying this one prostration. it was a matter of disobedience to the Book it was shirk.

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