Important Sayings Of Hazrat Ali

Important Sayings Of Hazrat Ali Which Not Everyone Can Hear

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1. If sustenance comes from reason and wisdom, animals and fools will not survive.

2. Everything has a seed and the seed of enmity is joking.

3. Words from the tongue do not injure the body but the soul.

4. If a weak person disrespects you, then forgive him because it is the duty of the brave to forgive.

5. People do not change when they get power, strength, and wealth, but they are exposed.

6. Disrespecting someone on his face is equal to killing him.

7. A person changes houses, changes relationships, changes friends but remains miserable because he does not change his attitude.

8. The abuse you give in anger or jest becomes a scorpion for your grave. The first sign of truth is that it is always opposed.

9. Don’t worry, stumbling happens only to those whom Allah wants to hold.

10. If you want to break your arrogance, greet a poor person.

11. Cherish that one among thousands of people who will not bear any stain on your honor even in your absence.

12. Protect your tongue like you protect gold and silver.

13. One who is not a friend over a small thing, understands that he was never a friend.

14. Whoever seeks honor through injustice, Allah humiliates him through justice.

15. Verily, difficulty is easy with difficulty. Patience in difficult times and gratitude in good times are the mark of a believer.

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16. A wise man is always suffering from grief and worry.

17. A heart that becomes restless after seeing the suffering of others, then knows that Allah resides in that heart.

18. Happiness does not teach a person as much as sorrow does.

19. A beautiful face also gets old, but an attractive body also fades one day, but a good person always remains a good person.

20. A person whose language is spoiled, his luck is also spoiled.

21. All human problems are due to two things: wanting more than destiny and leaving before time.

22. Avoid the friendship of the wicked because he will sell you for a trifle.

23. Thinking too much destroys a person, just pray and leave it to Allah.

24. Backbiting is the last resort of a weak person.

25. When your difficulties begin to increase, understand that Allah is going to give you a high position.

26. It is very rare that a hasty person does not suffer loss and it cannot happen that a patient person fails.

27. Keep company with people according to their morals and stay separate from them in actions.

28. The world cannot defeat you until you defeat yourself.

29. Being angry at home is like desolating it.

30. Judge someone’s faith by his promises.

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31. Never let him know your secret which you don’t have any secret.

32. Don’t let doubt dominate you, otherwise, you won’t find any sympathizers in the world.

33. Look for the bad in yourself and the good in others.

34. If you want to learn trust, then learn from the birds that when they return home in the evening, there is no grain in their beak for tomorrow.

35. Poverty makes a person a stranger in his city.

36. Hurting a person is as easy as throwing a stone in the sea, but no one knows how deep that stone has gone.

37. Every prayer that comes out of the tongue that stops lying is accepted.

38. Always try to avoid your small mistakes because man stumbles over rocks, not mountains.

39. Cherish good friends more than good times because good friends make bad times good.

40. Do not lose faith in sustenance because sustenance seeks a person as death seeks a dead person.

41. Don’t make friends with that person who wants to embarrass you at a party, even if it’s just a joke.

42. Always tell the truth so you don’t have to swear.

43. They are not the ones who come to cry, they are the ones who don’t let themselves cry.

44. A wise person works with the end in mind.

45. Do not rely on your physical strength and wealth because sickness and poverty do not take long.

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46. Avoid the company of an evil person because he is like a sword, beautiful in appearance, and dangerous in age.

47. O people, I worry about two things about you: to have high hopes and to follow your desires.

48. By not being jealous, the body remains healthy.

49. The people of the world are like riders who are sleeping and the journey continues.

50. Do not befriend your friend’s enemy, by doing this you will become your friend’s enemy.

51. Whoever leaves close will get alienated.

52. Eating less is health, speaking less is wisdom, and sleeping less is worship. 53. What protects a person is his death.

54. If someone remembers you only at the time of his need, don’t worry but be proud that he needs light in the darkness and you are the light.

55. Leave the one who hurts, but don’t hurt the one you leave.

56. The best level of masculinity is not to bring tears to a woman’s eyes because of a man.

57. An elder says that when a child learns to read and write, put him in every task, but do not hand him over to five people. 1 Don’t hand over to a shroud seller because he prays for the death of the Ummah 2 Don’t hand over to a goldsmith because a goldsmith does not avoid cheating 3 Don’t hand over to a butcher because his heart loses compassion 4 Don’t hand over to a wheat seller 5 Don’t surrender to a peddler, because he buys and sells human beings.

58. Cultivate humility within yourself like a bird that keeps its neck bowed even after touching the heights of the sky.

59. A person who cries in prostration does not have to cry over fate.

60. It is better to suffer than to be humiliated.

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