body and soul all process

Where does the soul go after death body and soul all process

The world of Barzakh


Where does the soul go after death? The life of that human being has been 30 35 40 50 60 70 80 years. His life is very long. There are two aspects of this human life. Most people know that life in this world is also a period from birth to death in this world and that after that there is life in the hereafter. Which will begin. There is a certain cloud of death after the world of Barzakh. Everyone knows that modesty. But even before that in this world, we are living a life.

Do you know about the soul?

And unfortunately, very few people have this idea. What I call today’s rationalist type of minority, is the people who are stung by the minority, they run away from talking about these things. Our first speech was about the world of souls, from Adam to the last man who will be born in the world until the Day of Resurrection, the souls of all were created in the world of souls. A pledge was taken there. Am I not your Lord? I am not the owner. We all pledged. Why not martyr us? This pledge is a separate and obvious thing. When I make a contract, I say that I am making this commitment in my permanent consciousness. I promise. So it is obvious. That we were at that time. And with consciousness and senses. With self-consciousness, but not only this absorption of souls. And that’s it.

Holy Prophet receives prophethood

The place about which the Holy Prophet was asked. He said, O Messenger of Allah, O Messenger of Allah, when did you receive prophethood? Then you said, Adam’s trick, which is still thick and dirty, was between water and mud. Adam, even at that time I was not even the beginning of the world of mankind, yet from the world of souls, which are all souls. He is with his distinguished glory. Ruh Muhammadi (peace be upon him) is not wrong if it is called Noor Muhammadi.

Substance of angels

So because the substance of souls is creation. He is light. As the substance of angels is the creation of light, Muslim Sharif has a hadith from Hazrat Aisha Siddiqa (RA). Allah created the angels from light, the soul is the floor, and the souls are the human soul. All this is their material creation light. And then it was sold. This was the first death that befell us. Before entering this world.

Verse of Surah Momin

Because it has been said in a verse of Surah Momin. That people who are in hell will cry. O Allah, you struck us twice, twice, and once again. Is there any way to get out of here? It has taken us through so many steps. What are these two things from a stagewoman? The first death was that Arvah was put to death.

Why Science cannot reach souls’ creation

Then the world of creation, which is called aj-scientis. The starting point of which is Big Bag, the world of souls is the thing before it. Science cannot reach Him, He is beyond science. But where does size begin? It is the beginning of the creation of the world, and then there are different stages, the stages of cruelty, and the stage of evolution, there is no opportunity to go into detail. Adam has evolved through many stages of decline and many stages of evolution. The entire universe began with the Big Bang and the great giants that were created by women. When they mention the heat. Scientists are trillions and trillions of Fahrenheit. This was their heat at that time, but then they cooled down. Every two worlds dream, from here now

How to connect body and souls in birth

Adam’s life has been developed to Mast Naqsh Adami, after that there are different stages. And then the soul of Adam which was in the cold storage when it was brought and blown away is the body of Adam. He was not a mosque, so the mosque was made. After that, every child from the generation of Adam and Eve is born after four months when a monster is developed in the mother’s womb. There is a hadith agreed upon by Abdullah Ibn Masud, may Allah be pleased with him, and in which he says in the beginning.

The Holy Prophet told us that we should not doubt who Muhammad, Al-Sadiq al-Musluq, then they and is truthful. Allah bears witness to their truthfulness. That you are in the form of sperm for 40 days in the womb. Then 40 days are in the form of the clot. Then 40 days are in the form of mockery. Allah sends an angel who breathes soul into him. The same process that happened to Adam’s body. The process is the same for every son of Adam and daughter of Adam, who was called after four months in mercy, from here worldly life began.

Separation of body and souls in the second death

Then death is the second death. The first death was that, but the second death will be separation here. That which came from the earth went into the earth in creative substance and body. It ended yesterday that the spirit came from there. The soul that is the soul of this earthly existence will take it and become with itself. Then it’s a break. There is death. So the revival also became two. Once we were resurrected after the first death, our eyes were opened in this world, this world was our first need, the second will be our death on the Day of Resurrection, and then that life after that is eternal. Take a break, life is too long. So, it is measured by ablution from the individual, the eternal, the eternal, the ninth, every day, life is this gap in it.

This is the exam period

Khalq is the connection of this soul with this body, and this 30 40 50 60 70 80 hundred years of age is a gap. This is the exam period, you are being tested. Iqbal has also described this well in the same view. It has emerged from the entity. Man and Khaba is your test in this hypocrisy. Now, if two things are clear to a person. If a person forgets something, then it does not benefit him. One thing he remembers is that real life is long in the hereafter. So you prefer this life to the life of this world.

As for the eternal remaining from the Hereafter, if it is known, as in the verse of Surah Al-Kabut, I told you what real life is. That is the life of the hereafter. I wish one fact was known and that real life is the life of the hereafter. The second fact is that this worldly life is a testing period. Abraha is a person. Water bubbles are your limit in this banquet hall. This mustadhaar. So what will be the result of this, a person will not become a worldly person. It’s fun. The world is a slippery thing.

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