sadness in human life

There is so much sadness in human life do you know why

what is the sadness in human life?

Just focus your attention on this verse now, what is the sadness in human life? Look, first I will draw your attention. Just open your eyes and observe the human race with a sensitive heart. How much hard work is hard to do? Which is the destiny of every human being is a complete surah in the Holy Qur’an. We created man in labor. This labor is the destiny of every human being. People leave their homes and go wherever they go. In this world, labor and toil become an illusion. Maybe those living in these neighborhoods do not have any hardships, they do not have any pain. However, this is not the reality.

Richer life and Poor life

The richer you are, you will see. His physical labor is less and his mental strength is more. They need trend colliders. They want Santos. Dreams and medicines will never be needed by the laborer. He sleeps like this after working for eight hours. That he will get the news in the morning. And these are the people. Those who have analytics dreams and drugs Seltose poor drugs all this Lablim and this Valium and this and this and this and this how much they cost. Mental peace and satisfaction are not attained by a human being, ignorance is physical labor. One’s mental exertion.

Case of Gautama Buddha

I want to remind you. The Case of Gautama Buddha At the age of 30, the prince of the Kapil Vaslas left the palace. The young man left his wife sleeping. A palace dweller living in the capital, except for an infant child, who knows this.That I am going to get this kingdom after my father. Why did you ever think that he witnessed the grief and sorrow of man? He saw a blind man stumbling and falling. A parent standing and crying. And in front of their eyes, their beloved child is dying. And he can’t do anything, he thought why this shock is not worth it? There is also a form of relief from this trauma.

Eight hours of hard work

A great majority of human beings are not.The words of Shah Waliullah Dehlavi. That they live by being a loaded camel and a cow ox. Who is breaking bricks for eight hours? At that time the imagination was lost whether he was a human being or he had become a beast. And even after eight hours of hard work, I may not get enough bread for two meals. And it may or may not happen that if the child is sick, one may not be able to supply the medicine without selling the pot.

How many burdens did such a person feel, how much labor in front of the camel and the bull of Golu living at the level of the great majority of human beings? But you know that labor is labor for an ox, not its feelings, which are the trauma they cause to man. A bull doesn’t care if it had a baby, or if it didn’t have a fever, or what happened. That bull is saved from that trauma. The horse has no idea that I have any offspring. Or not. And I am shocked by it. Or sad.

Parents matter in child protection

But the matter of man is that the parents have to see all the suffering. For their children, sleep at night is forbidden. Because the child is suffering from fever or pain. I once saw you saying in Lahore. At that time, kerosene had not yet produced needle gas, and most of the time kerosene was used as fuel. His shorts are done. There used to be queues several furlongs long. Outside these shops, outside depots, and such scenes.

A woman wearing a burqa was holding a child in her lap. Holding one’s finger, holding a bottle of oil in the hand, it will stand for many hours. This is the labor of man. Be there now. They forget, otherwise the event is that the heart is sensitive. And the prison, the shame, the grief both are one. Well, the matter of animals is easy from another point of view. Is there any accounting or accountability for them? This is the tragedy of man, this is the tragedy

Friend of Muhamad S.A.W

He also said this by swearing in a surah of the Holy Quran. O human being, your tragedy is much greater than this. You, suffering trauma upon trauma, enduring hardship upon hardship, will one day stand in the presence of your Lord. When you do the same, according to this day, according to this day, who is the great guardian of our Ummah? You must have read this about them. Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique may Allah be pleased with him, he was a scholar of a strange Kaif. I wish I were a straw of grass.

From this, no one in the morning feels that Hazrat Umar who is grave anxiety at the time of his death, and his son Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Umar (RA) who is his head.

Hazrat Umar says that Allah Almighty gave you the good news of Paradise in this world through the Holy Prophet. By God, if on the day of Qiyaamah, a life equal to Sarabar was missed, then this feeling of great success will be felt by those who will. What will be the situation of Hazrat Ali? Hazrat Ali said, “Well, leave me alone. I am asking for the intention of prayer.” Or read the intention of prayer. Then they trembled. Before whom do I stand for work and before whom I will have to stand one day to answer.

Five Questions After Deathearnings

The Holy Prophet informed. Ibn Adam’s feet will not be able to move. As the criminal stands inside the cage, he will not be able to move out of the cage. Even if the five things are not taken into account. So what are those five things? Open your ears and listen to the calculation of age.

1. These 80 years and 70 years we gave you in the world, where did they disappear?

2. And especially the period of youth is the day of aspirations. There is strength and energy. Kills. The force that is there knows its expression. Where did this youth spend a single moment,

3. where did he earn money from? I have four questions about the religion of Allah, the payment of rights in good deeds.

4. where to spend your earning on good or bad work.

5. The knowledge gained. And the beginning of the process has not even happened. This knowledge is what it is. It will become the biggest disaster on this day. So much knowledge and practice is something instead of being a source of grades. becomes a debit account.

Human tragedy

It is this sense of accountability that causes the tragedy of man, which is dual. After that, there is no accountability. Ghalib has also said it well. This is a human tragedy.

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