Philosophy of Gautama Bhatta

Was BUDHA a Prophet of ALLAH? Philosophy of Gautama Bhatta

Philosophy of Gautama Bhatta

On the one hand, the philosophy of Gautama Bhatta is the main theme of his philosophy. Sarum Dukh us and this inter-row and whoever worked hard in it, Allah knows best. Let me ask you one thing about whether he was found later and what was not found. He is a very learned scholar about Gotham Buddha in my opinion among the scholars of the Indian sub-continent who are the scholars of this century. He has a very high position among them.

Was BUDHA a Prophet of ALLAH?

Maulana Madaba Hasan Geelani, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, was a resident of the town of Gilan. He spent much of his life in Hyderabad. As a teacher at Osmania University. He wrote this about Gautam idol. I believe that he was also a prophet of Allah and this has been proved by the mention of a messenger in the Quran.
We did not find any explanation for this in the hadith, nor was the Prophet asked. Neither did the Prophet explain it.

Prince of Kapil Vastu.

Now this is a wrong word in the Torah that mentions the names of the prophets. The name of any of these prophets does not appear near the kafal. That should be understood. That it is a corruption of that name. The changed form has become. So what he said. That thing seems to be weighty. According to him, Qapil is useless. It is not in Arabic, but it is made up of the meaning of tu and this kafal which is the kafalkapal walla which we call.

Prince of Kapil Vastu. So they have said this. Let me submit this idea about that Gutam idol that we cannot say with certainty. This is their assumption, it is their opinion, and Allah the scholars will say. But the possibility is certainly there, says the Qur’an. We sent pilgrims to every nation. There is no settlement in the world in which some warner has not come. So the Prophet may come there. But his teachings have changed so much. That we cannot recognize them.

What Quran said about Hazrat Masih

If we understand the teachings of Hazrat Masih (peace be upon him) from Christians, then we can never accept him as a prophet of Allah. This is the real truth of Hazrat Masih (peace be upon him) as stated in the Holy Quran. Otherwise, how can we believe them as the son of God? But if the Quran tells you, you can know. Gautama Buddha is also a prophet of God, but maybe they will say it on the level. Not with certainty, however,

Gautama Buddha knowledge

Gautama Buddha witnessed this suffering, pain, shock, and grief, which is the destiny of man, and then gained knowledge through penance. He went to Manu. He tried to know which is the path to salvation. There is a way to get rid of this suffering. That no man can get rid of this grief, this salvation, this blindness. Or not, this is called Salvation In English it is called Nirvana in Hindi, and Arabic, it is called Najat. In the words of Imam Razi, may God bless him and grant him peace, I told you that word, the path of salvation is good in modern philosophy, which is of great interest to the gentlemen. I am submitting this about them.

Satre’s philosophy

There is also a philosophy in modern philosophies called Existentialism, You may have heard the name. Satre is a French philosopher and the young generation in the world at that time has been greatly influenced by Satre’s philosophy. Gard in old age and Satre in this age, his philosophy is called  Existential and its central idea is also the same. For man, suffering is suffering. Trauma is trauma. Suffering is suffering, that’s all. Some sensitive people are more sensitive to trauma. Somewhat dull their sense is. It becomes dull.

Poem of Ghalib about sorrow

I recited the poem of Ghalib to you. The difficulties fell on me so much that it happened. Otherwise, it is that if a person thinks, then there are sorrows, now this is the sorrow. There is a way out of it. No, this is a question mark. The answer is in the third verse that a person is in a state of hope.  The third verse is a way to get rid of this despair. This is a ray of hope. You can avoid destruction, eternal destruction. That destruction is here. Death is the end of it. But after that if the God-willed people were spit into hell.

Abd al-Abad always burns forever

The Quran says that if a skin will burn. Allah will burn bad people and give them in. See this also in modern times you will know the book written by Morris Buckeye. This French surgeon has proved. The Quran has referred to many natural phenomena. It is completely according to science. But we know that the sensation is only in the skin. The skin is sensitive. You will not be hurt. Al-Quran has said that when they eat. They will burn. we will not give away the skin. So that the burning sensation which is inflammation remains and does not disappear.

Although this is not necessary. If the inner flesh was also sensitive. Then there is no need to give the skin again the flesh will burn. Even this will cause a burning sensation but the Quran says that no more when their skins will burn. We will change their skin so that the inflammation remains. Then they will not be able to live or die in it. Neither will it be among the living nor the dead. It will cry out for death. The one who will free me from this toil and difficulty is the death from which we are fleeing at this time.

This world is a Place of refuge

There is a way to avoid this punishment, this eternal failure, this loss, this eternal destruction. Those who will call in the field of judgment, people Ain al-Mufar, someone should go. There is an escape, there is a refuge. That place of escape, that place of refuge in this world that Allah has given us is called the straight path. There is a path. These four signs are signs and milestones. The first is faith, the second is righteous action, the third is truthfulness, the fourth is patience, and you will follow them. Nirvana will be attained. Salvation will be achieved. You will be successful. You will get rid of this eternal loss.

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