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What is real success, How to control Mind , Emotions & Thoughts

What is the struggle to control your Nafs?

If faith grows in the heart, a struggle will begin inside. If I use Freud’s term, there will be a clash between ego and selfness. The desire for yourself is something else. Faith says that there will be a struggle. As Pharaoh said. Am I not the king? Am I not the ruler of the Muslims of Egypt and are not all these canals that are running under my system?

In the same way, believe that our self says this body is mine. Ismail belongs to me, my wish must be fulfilled as he said, I do not know there is any god besides me and above me, I do not believe in ten, even ten says I am not ready to believe, what is halal, what is forbidden, what is permissible,

what is the remedy for my wish?

Complete the Jihad against him. The first floor and you know that if there is a three-story building, then the tallest is the third floor, the most important. The first floor will become the first floor, then the second will be built. This is why Maulana Rum said, “My soul is not less than Pharaoh, but he had an army with him. He also said with his tongue, ‘I am God, my soul is poor.’

This is what I say inside. I am the king of this existence. My will is the whole struggle against the basic self. There is one self, the higher self, and one is this basic cell, the youthful instincts, which are blind and deaf, and have no interest in halal and haram. The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said: The real mujahid is the one who can wage jihad against himself. This enemy is sitting inside you and is controlling you. Walk and kill to wage jihad against your enemies. tied forward.

Which is the best Jihad?

The Holy Prophet was asked, O Messenger of Allah, O Messenger of Allah, which is the best Jihad? He said: Fight against yourself and make it obedient to Allah. There are two sub-levels with it, this force that incites this word, and Visible is also the invisible force, the greatest Iblees Satan and his imprisoned jinn, and Visible in humans who are his agents who culture obscenity. Give the name of these are the disciples of this devil, you will not fight against them, if you do not adopt an aggressive attitude against them, then you will come under their pressure.

Why fight against Satan?

O people, this devil is your enemy, consider him as your enemy, he shows you a green garden, he shows you evil by embellishing it, gives him good names, and prepares you not for Madani’s revenge, he is your enemy, you leave me. Do him and his prison magic, you are not making him your friend, fight against Satan and thirdly what is the level of society if it is corrupted, its general tendency towards evil, social pressure up by period push like if someone If death is going, it is very easy to walk with it, it will take you by itself pushing you, walking against it can be very difficult.

Then there are only two ways, time after time, for example, either it is a matter of money, or time is not compatible with you. If you are doing it, fight from time to time.

What are the standards?

What are the standards that are sitting in our minds that success is due to money, success is due to property, success is due to business, success is due to fame, and success is due to power? He has reached those who have acquired a big business or in which he has made a lot of property. This is a success. The whole Musky Gantt will be the concept of success.

What is true success?

This is the real thing that is being negated here, success is not from wealth, success is not from fame, success is not from power and power and government, but success is from faith, righteous action, from the righteous, from the righteous, from this attitude.

Change your mind if you want real success

A change in the mental attitude will bring about a revolution in the human personality. Now what is your result? If success was due to wealth, the law was very successful. If success was due to government, Pharaoh and Nahum were very successful. Success is for a person to reach the wealth of the law, and in terms of wealth, power, empire, and government, he attains the position of Nimrod and Pharaoh. There was nothing, not even a hut was inconvenient and there was no house.

Real servants of Allah

The Holy Prophet has said that some servants of Allah want to go to a gathering but they are not allowed. Do not listen to anything, but they have such a position with Allah that if they swear on something even out of forgetfulness, then Allah will keep their oath. This is the difference. Know this well. It is easy to say Subhan Allah, but it is very difficult to change your mind accordingly because we are influenced by our environment. Once it has passed by you, you feel a sense of urgency inside the nerves, these are the lucky people, very lucky, very successful, although nothing is known that this may be the greatest misfortune, that this is the greatest night.

what is the reason for success?

Let this matter sit in your mind, what is the reason for success? Look at the Qur’an many times. Look at yourself. These are the successful people. You heard those verses in prayer. O believers, bow down, prostrate, worship, and serve your Lord. Do good deeds so that you will be successful. What is success? This is the biggest lesson. The value structure will change today. That one thing that seems very important tomorrow will seem very unimportant

What do you care about this world?

As the hadith of the Prophet said, “What do you care about this world?” My example is that of a rider who for a while stays in the shade of a tree for cheap then he takes his way. He has no permanent connection with this tree. It is not his home. It is not his destination. Similarly, this world is not my home.

We are travelers, we have to return from Allah to Allah, the Holy Prophet says, live in the world as if you are a stranger or a traveler on the road, but when will this behavior happen while this verse has settled in our minds? What I said is that I will tell you why the Companions used to remind each other, because if it is snowing, you will go out, and when the snow falls on your clothes, you shake your clothes so that Let the snow break on our faith. Living in this world, when we are affected by the environment, the kidney becomes snow. It needs to be shaken.

Why Glitter is not from things?

The best and most effective form of shaking is this: remember, success is in them. The glitter is not from things, what is all this glitter of the world that is tempting you, that you are lost in yourself, this word reminds me of Iqbal’s poem that the recognition of the unbeliever is less in the horizon and that of the believer. The knowledge that the loss is in it, Afaq, don’t be lost in it, don’t be dazzled by it, don’t be dazzled, don’t let the love of the world encroach on you, don’t let it impose on your hearts.

Real success 

Release, then remember, then refresh your belief that success is not from wealth, success is not from wealth, success is not from power, success is not from fame, success is not from property, success is from faith, success is from righteous deeds, success is from righteousness, success is from right. Patience is the four things that is necessary for success.

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