Never give up

Never give up until you succeed and be ready face the failure

Never give up

Sometimes a person sees the result of many efforts. That the excess is gone, I have worked hard for 10 years, Never give up I have not got any results, what are the fruits of hard work, waste of the fruits of hard work, see the merit of your luck. Where did the bows of two or four Hajib’s lips remain? He was a communist. I won’t even name names. But that. These are the same revolutionaries because they also have a revolutionary ideology. A setback or assumption of a failure occurred. So, this crop will be destroyed this time as well, to cheer up our colleagues. All the hard work in the morning and evening will be appreciated even now.

Failure will come again

The words of my prophet’s fruits that came here. All the hard work morning and evening will be despised even now. Then fill the soil with your blood, then water the soil with tears, then worry about the next blood. Then worry about the next blood. When a crop is ripe, it is full. Until then, this is what it does. One goal is to establish a proven revolution. An attempt may fail. Don’t care, next time, don’t be ready for failure, don’t let it happen, as they say in English, for the best, be deep, don’t let it happen that you fail a second time, and change. May your courage answer. No, be prepared in advance that failure will come again. So yes, but we have to do this until success is achieved.

Muslims in Badr

See in the biography whether or not this incident was won by the Muslims in Badr, then Zakat arrived in Uhud, and whether or not 70 companions were martyred. If not, if their courage had been answered, how would the car run? So he said. We will test you with fear, poverty, hunger, loss of life, loss of property, and loss of hard work. O Prophet, give glad tidings to those who are patient, that when any pain, trouble, or trial befalls them, they should say this. That we belong to Allah. Returning to Allah is the same way.

What I recited a Persian poem to you is surrender. Who is in a good mood? He is our Mullah. If he approves of us, this is it. So we also had the same mind.

Muhammad Ali Johar

Listen to one more poem and whose is it? Muhammad Ali Johar was jailed once. One of his young daughters fell ill and died. The British left out. Bhai buried his two daughters and went to jail for the second time. The other young daughter suffered from the same disease. Now she is in jail, the news reached that the other daughter has also been attacked by the same disease. A poem has been written.

The last verse of which is this. We approve of health, but if we don’t approve of it, then we don’t approve of it either. Unless this is the case. A person cannot remain steadfast in this field. If my Lord approves it. So this is what I approve of. And if we want your health, of course, but our Lord does not approve. So please accept us too Lord. Those who have favors and blessings from their Lord. And those are the people who are going to be successful.

Surah Al-Baqarah

In the same Surah Al-Baqarah, the guidance of those who receive guidance, this is the twentieth bow. The 19th bow is the first verse of the 21st bow. All the subjects that were mentioned in Surah Al-Asr are present in it. The word faith is there. Five faiths have been described here. Actions have been described and the last thing has been done there. And the true goodness of those who are patient is for those who are patient. Which, during the war, the particle is called Basa. Poverty and famine will be singular. Basa will mean war and basa will be plural. So, those who are patient in poverty and hunger, and those who are patient in times of war, are multiplied by hunger, poverty, and the slightest physical pain.

What is patience

These are the patient people. These are the truthful. Those who are firm in their claims and of faith. And those are the people. The pious is the next surah. Surah Al-Imran has two words in it. Last Ayatollah, see patience and patience here, which is related to Jihad and Jihad. That is patience and tolerance. Patience is a one-way process. What is patience and patience? What is the competition of patience with patience?

I used to tell you how Allah said to the Muslims, Muslims, you have received Zakat. 70 of them were not killed. Their morale in Badr did not drop.
70 of them were not killed in Badr, which is their morale. They are not low. They went to attack you the next year, why are you so bad, why are your hearts so wounded It hurts you. So they also get their pride, we should examine it.

How many sacrifices people are making for false ideals?

How many people are working to promote false things as I said just now? To challenge this honor, how many Qadian youths devote themselves to religion to encourage the importance of religion? And how young are you? For those who devote themselves to religion and eat and drink, it is not that if no one else can do it, then this is it. That he should engage in the work of religion. People with the ability to eat and drink, people with mental abilities, and people from high families, make time for themselves for religion, how will they go out without it? It has been said that Muslims if you are fighting for Tawheed, you will not see it.

Why Abu Jahl was beheaded

Abu Jahl was beheaded by him for polytheism. So don’t be ready to cut your neck. Did he cut his neck or not and how did he cut it? Because he was a very arrogant pharaoh-type person, when he started cutting his neck, he said. Just cut from the bottom so that when you mount the spear, my head will look high. It is known that the head of the wretch, even while dying, should keep this state in mind, he said. If you don’t sacrifice more than them. What should be noted is that if it is the responsibility of Allah to prevail over the truth, He will prevail over it alone. They understand that you only need to suffer. Can there be any power of falsehood compared to Allah?

The test of your faith

This is the test of your sincerity. This is your exam proof required. That Allah wants to see. So be ready to sacrifice your lives for it. No, you will spend money on it. Be ready or not and know that if the infidels and polytheists and atheists and those with false ideas are giving sacrifices for their false ideas, you will not give more than them. So the truth will not prevail. The patience they have had.

Adopt the piety of Allah.

If you do not show more patience with your false ideas. He will not prevail over his right, so he said. Not only to be patient but to be patient, to get ahead of your enemies. Be more patient than their patience. Be careful, be careful not to be like this. That the enemy who is there is a negligent attack on you. Sit down and adopt the piety of Allah.

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