Intelligent and sensitive people

Intelligent and sensitive people has different cycles money, health

Intelligent and sensitive people

Constipation in intelligent and sensitive people has different life cycles. Those who live Sometimes there is a disturbance in the health. The heart is extinguished. There is some hopelessness. There is a lack of self-confidence. I don’t have the ability. I can’t do anything. What I have done so far is a matter of hope. There is hope. There is a bright side. Constipation has a dark side. Aspects of despair are seen. The state of money and this is the state of the state. Look at the bright side of it. After all, this has also happened. There may be more. Finally, I have done this work too.

A less intelligent person is less sensitive

Difficulty may become easier in the future. These are the two conditions of seizure and rest, which the Sufis called these terms as seizure and depression, the more sensitive the person is. Intelligence will be high. These are the views. Its amplitude is high. A less intelligent person is less sensitive. So that’s right, but what is the amplitude of that wave? There will not be much ups and downs in it. But as this matter increases, the amplitude of this wave increases, but this is the case for a normal person. That it stays within limits.

Happens in Depression

A condition of the same is when it becomes abnormal. This is what modern psychological medicine is all about. In this, it is called mani-ex-depressive psychosis. Disappointment was so much that it was as if the back was broken. And it happens in depression. He commits suicide. This bright side is not visible, no hope is visible, no situation is visible, and no hope is created. Where should I go, where should I look, give a voice to the crowd, the heart is very nervous.

Intelligent person feelings

And when a person feels they can’t feel the realties this grave society and when condition. Anshra’s fear is running away. is running Ambition is hard work. Running. Hopes. Everything is looking brighter now. Strangely enough, I’ve had some experience with it. This disease also existed in our family, my late father was a patient of depressive psychosis for a long time.

Whatever happens, this case probably falls into the category of what our family is. In which intelligence is relatively high. The sensitivity is relatively high. It is another thing for one to adopt as a philosophy that one is to make one’s self a fool. It can also become a philosophy. But it is. If a person leaves his nature, then these two conditions will come. In the same conditions, if it is an upward and downward movement. If it goes beyond a limit, it is a disease.

Supreme state of intelligent

I have a psychotic man, a depressive psycho in it when there is a person. He is in the supreme state, so there is greatness, light, and hope within him. Talking to people. Speaking the truth. The good thing is that now he is feeling interested in the party. And he sees the religious side of everything. They will find the bright side of their existence and the good side of others’ existence as well. They will not look for the bad side.

Bad intentions

When there is another condition. There is something wrong with everyone talking about depression. Someone is the future of his intention. Someone is mischief. this with bad intentions. This is the change that the state has been described in the best way by Ghalib. Their development in humans is correct and calculated. It goes through the same stages and in depression after each depression.

I am not using this word in this sense. That is, not depression reaching the level of illness, but only a matter reaching the level of constipation. After every constipation when mast comes. So progress is made. What you call by-le-admi who. Leaps. As if a level that was before. Next to that is the human being. A person reaches a higher position than this.

What comes after every seizure?

It is a new condition, new glory, new elevation, new elevation. This has been interpreted by Ghalib. It is a very beautiful style. I am not able to say the poem, there is an obstacle in my nature, and it has become closed. That word is no longer the subject. But then when this situation changes. And when the condition of the back comes. My mood stops and flows. And then there is not a join in it but a state which is a completely new state of revelation with a new glory. This is the matter which is the background of these blessed verses and that is why I am referring it to you now.
Qazi Sanaullah Panipati (may God bless him and grant him peace) said a very good thing. Constipation, if it affects a person, then it has the status of an elixir.

Surah Zuha on Muhammad Rasulullah (SAW) situation

This Surah Zuha is blessed because it was revealed. All these verses will now be known in the same situation as Muhammad Rasulullah (SAW). Like a pearl-filled word, now all the events and the traditional background that I have described to you are sitting in it. It also became a case of suicide to fit in.

There is a tradition in Bukhari Sharif that the Holy Prophet says. That there was such anxiety about my health. This situation was of concern to me. That thought came into my heart again and again. That I climbed the mountain and fell. You will feel all these things now. As if all the links are connected. Like you can’t get up at night. It’s boring. Nervous have been affected to this extent. Only this is not a state of feelings. Your power of action, which is the power of action, has also been affected by this. That many nights passed. And you could not get up at night. On which Umm Jameel got the opportunity to say this. It is known that Muhammad your devil has left you.

Matter of the heart

Now, this sentence is his sword in its place. Of course, this caused Yazid to be tempted, but the situation due to which this sentence came. Let’s look at it. So it will be known. One word constipation was this condition. This is a religion of the state of possession. Because this is the blessed heart. The revelation of Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, upon it, was revealed.

This is also a matter of internal feelings and conditions. This is also the case. It is all a matter of the heart in the bargain. You cannot exclude it. Neither were there any such sufferings nor were there any such difficulties. No such reaction has started yet. There was no dispute like this. No one has just started any persecutory persecution. These are all internal conditions and if these Surah Mubarakah is understood correctly in terms of these internal conditions, then Sophia understood

What Iqbal’s poetry is?

Some who understood my doubts, considered me to be a person taken out of paradise. what’s that? This is a poem by Iqbal. The cry of a bird, the listeners are happy to understand it. This is the punishment for a broken heart. This is the punishment. So Rizwan has understood this situation. Which is paradise. He thought it was the same Azam that was taken out. This is his cry from here. So the event is that if the correct understanding of this Surah Mubaraka has been achieved.

Human psychology

Imam Razi cannot achieve that. They are the ones who solve the lights of reason and logic. In their place, their contribution is very much. There is no special problem in this dictionary and literature. Zamakhshri should show some kind of swagger in it. There is no such problem in it, not even new problems, but this incident is a matter of heart. Feelings are an inner matter, it is a matter of human psychology. And they can understand it. That which is the experts of psychology.

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