Human life cycle

Human life cycle from child to old and then death

What happen from child to teenage?

It is the early period of the child. Then he has nothing to do with Human life cycle. He does not know the bitter facts of life yet. But let’s go a little further, when a person enters the teenage stage, then that game is no longer innocent. There was a sense of sensual gratification in him, and now his ears were slightly forward. So the most tunes ride on a human being, make my clothes fashionable. Otherwise, the joker will be very conscious of his attire. You will be very conscious about the haircut. Make up very little about everything.

When a person is about 30

When a person is about 30 years old, he will be proud of his pride or his wealth. Or he will be proud of his position. Or be proud of your political position. You will be proud of your bravery. Because there is energy in the soul, there is power in it.

When a person is 50

But after that,he becomes very realistic. Man, in this 50 stage, the mustache should not be low. The last stage is that tan here is an opportunity to endow the person with wealth and abundance of children. Now this happens. Even if the mustache is low, there is no problem. Money, ego, my reality, and in this situation, a human being is. In the case of the last mercury, then added to it and put a seal on it. This takshir who is speech does not leave behind, there is enough wealth that ten generations of you can eat sitting contentedly. But those who are takafir, takfir wealth, are not chased until the grave is lowered into the grave.

As long as they are hanging from the legs and not until then, it is likened that this is a cycle of worldly life. The cycle that is going on in the plant kingdom. This is our cycle 60 70 years child was born happiness was created. Then it is boyhood, then teenage stage, then adulthood. Then there is middle age. And then there is old age. And then it is lowered into the grave.

Same as plant kingdom life cycle

But in the plant kingdom cycles do occur. As it rains. So the green appears. And the farmer feels great. He likes the seed, he worked hard, he ran the solution. The heart becomes a garden as if you have a son and grandson and celebrate happiness. Then that harvest reaches its full strength. Then it turns yellow, it is green and the crop is over. Now it has turned yellow, then the time comes if it is a weed. Then they become dust and then they are mixed in the soil. And if there is a crop, then what is left after the cultivation is cut? It remains as sawdust. The rest of this life cycle is going on. It may be three months or four months. The plant is once the cycle of human life, now it is a deep matter.

Death will come

The life of a world is passed through a stage. Old age will also come upon that which is born. Death will also come. Every human that was born died. Now it is that somewhere you spent a life in a palace A life spent in a cage A life spent on someone’s footpath.

A life passes by

And it passes through these five . Now we see children playing in dirty streets. They are also playing under the water of the canals. They also have a game to play in dirty clothes. She is the life she plays on stage. Someone has expensive toys and is playing with them. Something else is playing but she will bring five tennis. After going to the afterlife, this bifurcation is done. Either severe punishment and it is by Allah’s forgiveness and pleasure.

Be aware at the last

The last words here are that. The life of the world is nothing but deception. Why, if you are lost in the life of the world, as Iqbal has said that the unbeliever is lost in the horizons of recognition. And the recognition of the believer that you are in this world, be a seeker in the world. And use two, it was created for you. It is an item to be used. Yes, do not make it easy to observe the halal and the haram.

The rest of the people are wanted. Be aware that I am a stranger here, this is not my homeland. Now the world is only among the believers, Jannat al-Kafir is like a bird locked in a cage. In this way, I have been given the will of Allah in this world. As long as they want. Or but our heart will not be here. I have passed through the market, I am not a buyer of black money, then this is not a fraudulent transaction, not a murder, not at all.

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