The end of Arrogance motivate kids by Educational stories

The End of Arrogance

A king of Italy, in the pride of power and wealth, knew it was bad to converse with the poor. That’s why most people didn’t like him. One day he chased an animal and went so far that all the servants scattered and the king was left alone. Meanwhile, a peasant grabbed the reins of the king’s horse. His appearance resembled that of Ho Bahu King. The difference was that his clothes and condition were poor.

The farmer said:

“I have been running hungry and thirsty for three days, but no one listens to my cry.”

Seeing the dirty clothes of the poor man, the king immediately took a whip and removed it from the front, saying, “Let’s move away.” We cannot talk to degraded men.

The poor farmer went away after eating the straw, but still slowly followed the horse
Even the king reached a pond and got off his horse. The bridle hung from a tree. He took off his crown and clothes kept them aside and went down to bathe in the pool. This pool was so low that the bather could not see the man above.

When the king had descended into the pond, the poor farmer took off his dirty clothes. After putting on the king’s clothes, he put the crown on his head and rode the king’s horse immediately becoming giddy. The peasant king had gone a short distance when he was met by the servants of the king, who politely greeted him as if he were a king, and he also went to the royal quarters without hesitation. When the real king came out of the pool after bathing, the clothes, crown, and horse were nothing.

Very nervous. But what could happen now? After wearing poor farmer’s clothes and suffering from hunger and wandering for several days, he reached the city. But now he was in such a state that no one would open his mouth when he spoke to him, and when he said that I am your king, people would think him crazy and laugh at him.

Two or three weeks passed in this way and the king became very worried that the king’s begum also heard the story of this madman and when she called him and took off his clothes, she saw the mole mark on his chest and confirmed its truth. The farmer saw this condition of the real king and said: “Are you the same person who did not listen to the cries of the poor in the pride of wealth and government?” I did this drama to punish him. If you leave that pride and confess mercy and justice I am ready to give back your throne, or I may even order your murder now.”

Hearing this, the king humbly and shamefully admitted his mistake and the farmer gave him the throne and went home. After this, the king reformed his habits and within a few days, the good name became famous.

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Word word pearl

Do not let books fall on the ground because they take a person to heaven. The book is man’s best friend, which neither changes nor deceives. Live each day as if tomorrow is your last day. Good people benefit even from their enemies. Acting with good manners is the first virtue. By doing good, always forget it and by doing sin, always remember it. A teacher’s literature is a student’s greatest achievement.

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