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Class 10 student Mudassir Bala was a genius, topping his class right from the start. Many of his classmates used to help him in their studies. Since he was the only son of his parents, the family members and other relatives also loved him very much. As soon as Mudasir would return home after studying at school, a wave of happiness would arise in everyone.

He was worried,

So he only took the matriculation exam to maintain his position like every year. Finally, that day has come. The roll number and date sheet had reached the house. He had great confidence in himself that he would get a prominent position in matriculation. Sobh was the first paper of Mudasir. He walked towards the mosque to pray. He spent a few hours in the service of Allah Ta’ala and humbly pleaded in the court of Allah Ta’ala for his test.

Later went home. As soon as we arrived, after having breakfast, we walked towards the examination center. The second day was a holiday. When he returned after giving the paper, his friend Akram came to his house and said: Brother Mudassar! Come with me to the fields today.” Mudassar refused, but on Akram’s repeated insistence, Mudassar had to go with him. Both were returning from the fields when Akram’s eyes fell on the nest of sparrows. He said: Mudassar stretched out his hand and took hold of the two chicks. On entering the house, the mother said:

Look at him, madrasah.

Successful son! what it ?”

Mmm, Mmm, Mamma Mudassir said nervously, these are sparrow babies.

The mother said:

“Son, leave them where you brought them, otherwise their parents will curse you.”

He listened to his mother. Mudassir now started raising both children. The mother lovingly explained to Mudassir that it is impossible to raise children without a mother, so there is still time to leave them there like before! He said to his mother. Don’t listen. The mother continued to curse Mudassir in anger, but it did not reach his ears. Raising the baby sparrows, feeding them on time, and feeding them water is a task It was normal. On the third day after taking the exam, he came back and saw that one of the baby sparrows had died. Now he faced a problem. Now Mudasir was in the process of saving and rearing the second child. How could a young bird fly alone, on his part he was trying his best to survive.

After giving the last slip, he bought a cage for him from the city. He imprisoned the child in the cage as soon as he came home. Now the baby started to grow and started to flutter. He looked more beautiful than before and was able to fly.

One day

He took the baby bird out of the cage and tied a long string to its leg. The mother continued to explain to him step by step, “Son does not disturb the birds, leaving him, he did not listen to Maan like before.” The baby sparrow was constantly trying to fly when Mudassar gave the rope a strong jerk. As a result, he broke his leg. This innocent person made a bad prayer to him that may Allah break your leg too. And this curse was accepted. He came to the city to find out the result of his performance.

Surprisingly He had failed the matriculation examination. This was the punishment for harassing the birds, now he walked towards the house with his mouth hanging. When he started to board the bus, he slipped and fell. His leg was broken when the bus tire hit him. He not only lost the year but also had to spend two months in bed. He was very ashamed of what he had done. He was apologizing too, but it was too late and he had already been punished for his disobedience.

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Sleeping and waking manners

Dear children!

Choose a place to sleep, where fresh air can easily reach. Do not sleep with your mouth closed, as it has a bad effect on your health! Get into the habit of sleeping early at night and getting up early in the morning! Avoid unnecessary things after Isha’s prayer! Be sure to read a few verses of the Holy Quran before going to sleep! Avoid lying on the left crotch and lying on the stomach!

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