Punishment for lying motivate kids by Educational stories

Punishment for lying

Rizwan was a very intelligent and mischievous child. He also had a bad habit that he resorted to lying about everything. Rizwan’s father was a well-known businessman in the city, he was very honest and had good morals. The people of the city looked at him with respect and respected him a lot. But they were very annoyed by Rizwan’s actions as he never missed any opportunity to annoy people and instead of being ashamed of his actions, he was happy.

His parents would tell him a lot to stop his actions, but he would listen with one ear and dismiss it with the other. Once, while sitting at home, Rizwan called the fire brigade office and said that there was a fire in his neighborhood. When the fire brigade personnel reached the “scene” i.e. the place of fire, there was nothing there. After questioning, it came to know that this conspiracy is also Rizwan’s. Rizwan’s mischief was increasing day by day. Sometimes he would run away by ringing the neighbors’ doorbells, sometimes he would blow the air out of the tires of cars parked outside.

Once at night Rizwan and his mother were sleeping in the house when thieves entered. Coincidentally Din Rizwan’s father had gone abroad for some important work. Amy woke up Rizwan gently after hearing the cries of the thieves and told him to call the police. Rizwan called the police station and told them that thieves had entered his house. As before, the policemen, considering his report as a lie, put the receiver down. There the thieves wiped out the whole house, now Rizwan was very ashamed of his mischief, but what was the use now? “When the sparrows went to the field. Dear friends! We should always speak the truth and never lie anywhere even if it is for our benefit.

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Etiquette of assembly

Dear children! Always try to sit in the company of good people. Avoid talking secretly in the assembly. Avoid sitting in a privileged place in the assembly.

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