No power except Allah

Virtue of this word There is no might and no power except Allah

No power except Allah

Fix these two finishes and two structures, I say in the mosque on the trust of Allah that God willing, your heart will become Allah’s, you will enter among the friends of Allah, and all other sins will be forgiven. That he who can lift the horse will not be able to lift the goat? I have given these difficult papers, but for the love of Allah, you should pick them up and practice them daily at Fajr and after Maghrib, first and last eleven times with Durood Sharif daily and after that for the last time.

Recite La Hawwal Wala Quwata Ala Billah one hundred and eleven times, I have also given you petrol for the process.Allah Almighty will give him the wealth of success, courage to do good deeds, courage to avoid sin and Allah Almighty will mention him daily among the angels. Allama Tayyibi, may God’s mercy and blessings be upon him, says about the souls of the Prophets to the Queen of the Nearest and the souls of the Prophets and Messengers: “Aslam Abdi Was-Islam

My servant became a bearer of the commandment

He left his sins.”That is, my servant entrusted all the affairs of the world to Allah, the Exalted.” When Allah Ta’ala gives the good news to the angels that we are righteous, will He not make us righteous? Will you not keep the message of your good news? Nor will the angels object that Allah says to us every day that such and such a person is very good even though he commits all the sins.

You should read it daily and later also ask this dua that O Allah! By his blessing, you are mentioning me to the angels as Sarwar Alam (peace be upon him) has informed us that you are mentioning me to the angels about us. It is said that my servant has become good, if you do not make us good, then what will the angels say, you make us all good while keeping your good news. You should also pray and stay with the people of Allah and keep a friendship with the people of Allah.

Today, I have given you the stipend of

There is no power and no power except with Allah. And why told one hundred and eleven times? Because one hundred and eleven names of Allah are sufficient, this is one name of Allah Almighty. God willing this wazifa will be sufficient for you and recite Durood Sharif first and last, because no action is accepted without Durood Sharif. It does not happen first and last three five seven or eleven times recite. Durood Sharif and pray to Allah with this article saying

O Allah! Your Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) gave us the good news that the one who gathers the souls and says that my servant has become righteous. O God! When you are giving this good news every day, keep your good news. You give good news every day, but it is unworthy as it is, so make me worthy in your good news charity. Cry and pray and stay with the people of Allah, stay in their company, God willing, you will change day by day, and then you will read this poem as a guardian of Allah.

You made me passionate about what, first life, then life

You will see for yourself what I was before and what is happening now. Your heart will say that at first we used to search like crazy, dirty like dogs to find a salty londa, to find a salty oend ya, to find a beautiful boy, to find a beautiful girl, but now what about my heart? Done, Allah has blessed the sweetness of His memory and given the fox the courage of a lion, what is happening to me? You will wonder what I have become.

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