Straight path in Islam

How to get the Straight path in Islam

Straight Path in Islam

In the Holy Qur’an, Allah Almighty says, And good deeds are for you friends. These actions are one of the wonders. What good are my lovers, why don’t you become their friends? Quickly make them friends and by making them friends, you will find the straight path. In the Holy Quran, those who find the straight path have been called Muslims and their ranks have been described as follows: Min-an-nabbeen wal-sadiqeen wal-shahada wal sallihihin, which means prophets, sediqeen, martyrs, and the righteous.

If you follow their path

You too will find the straight path. Allama Alusi, may God bless him and grant him peace, says that these organized people are the complete replacement of the straight path. Badal Ki Char: Al-Alkal, Badal Al-Balan, Badal-ul-Shtimal, Badal-ul-Ghalt. Tell me! In all the blessings of the whole world, is Allah’s essence or not? If Allah Ta’ala is not found, then nothing is found. Allama Alusi, may God bless him and grant him peace, said that when it is Badal Al-Alkal from Al-Alkal, that is, the direct path is a changing mouth, and the path of those who have been blessed by Allah is Badal Al-Kal, and the composition is intended to be changed.

I am presenting this very important scientific point that Allah has said the path of the righteous instead of the straight path, that is, the path of those who eat samosa papad and those with big buildings and Mercedes are not Muslim scholars. Who are the administrators? Stay with them, follow their path, and then you will find the straight path, because the composition is intended to be changed, and the mouth of a changed person is not intended. There are types of oaths in it, you can recite the oaths and you will be blessed with knowledge.

It cannot happen

Any part is revealed without intention, so Allah Ta’ala replied that I am following this order. And we people are not included in the duality of Raytumuni, this vision was received by the Companions. Is there anyone in the world today who has seen the Holy Prophet praying? So this is also a great proof of the high position of the Companions. That they saw the Holy Prophet (PBUH) praying.

I remembered the saying about Rafiqa. That you love Rafiq Hayat as much as you love Rafiq Hayat. That is learn to love the people of Allah as much. Arabic Rafiqa is not the same as Urdu Rafiqah. It has alif but this condition is fortunate. So that people don’t get confused by it and their ears stand up. May Allah bless us all with the companionship of the people of Allah in this world and also in the Day of Resurrection because Allah says in the Holy Qur’an, “Whoever stays here with the righteous, Allah will mix with the righteous there.” Allah will be with us here, and the material from the people of Haar too, God willing.

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