Protect yourself from Satan

Ways to protect yourself from Satan attacks and from bad thoughts

Protect yourself from Satan

Mulla Ali Qari, may God bless him and grant him peace, has a text in Sharh Mishkwah. That is, Satan is the dog of Allah, who is outside his court Standing, the bigger a person is, the bigger the queue is, and who is bigger than Allah? So think how big a dog the devil is, to fight him is to fight God, if you throw a stone at a big man’s dog, he says you have insulted me. That is why Allah did not order his dog to throw stones.

Mulla Ali Qari, may God bless him and grant him peace, has written the same thing in Kitab al-Wususa, that if beating Satan was to be beaten, then Allah would not have said, “Come to my shelter, do not fight with him, he is the manifestation of our attribute of mischief, from him.” Fighting is like fighting us, because I have given him the power, so don’t fight him, don’t even respond to his whispers if he barks, then you should secretly call us,

Allah Mian! Silence this dog, Awzablallah from the Shaytan of the Most Merciful. People who do not protect their eyes from the forbidden and look at every black and white, their breath contains germs, dirt, and bad smell, that is why it does not reach Allah Almighty. Can one live where the dead are? So, how will Allah come to the heart that has dead sheep in it? This is the poem of Maulana Mansoor Nasir Sahib. They did not go back because they were looking for Ah. If a person is in the hands of the people of Allah, then he becomes good. I ask them to stay with me and warm the creation of Allah in the love of Allah.

Ignorance is a foolish sin

So a finishing has been done, and it is such a finishing that you will be saved from the curse of Allah, your light will be safe, you will be related to Sahib soon, you will reach Allah soon. And there is no point in looking at these beauties, it is a foolish sin. Hakeem Ummat Majid Dalmat, may God bless him and grant him peace, says that we are slaves, and the sin of any kind of vision is the sin of fools and fools, neither meeting nor burning, only burning and burning the heart. What will be gained by looking at the outsiders? You will find the one who is sitting in your house.

Hazrat Thanvi, may God bless him and grant him peace, says that a newly married couple from Punjab was sitting on one rail, and a man sitting in front of another rail was looking at his wife again and again, so this Punjab man got angry when he was in good health. If so, the anger is also strong.

Hakeem-ul-Ummat (may God bless him and grant him peace) said that he was very healthy, so he said, “Look a thousand times, but you will find nothing but burning and pain. It will sleep next to me at night.” Hakeem-ul-Umat said that misogyny is the work of foolish people who leave their wives and look at the streetwalker. But you will not find them. Tell me! Burning the heart and suffering and not getting anything is foolishness or not?

Importance of protecting the heart from bad thoughts

Structure and finishing described. Now there is one finishing touch that doesn’t bring dirty thoughts in my heart. Even if the enemy comes from the border, you are afraid, the eyes are also the border of the heart. Allah Ta’ala has saved the enemy from coming from the border, so protect the sight, but if the capital is attacked, will you remain silent that no one It is not a problem, Nao Ahlam, the enemy is not coming from the border, while the capital is being bombarded, so protect Adal from dirty thoughts, don’t even remember old sins

when the hair in the beard turns white, the devil would say That Sufi! Maulvi sir! I heard that you have a sin in the future, but the past sin in the first year class, so sometimes enjoy this year, then the devil shows the television of the past, this is such a Chester teacher who is evil future. shows, so do not get even an iota of disobedience to Allah in your heart, because the heart is the house of Allah, the center, the headquarters, Islamabad, and the proof of this is Ya’llum habinat al-Ayyun wa ma tukhfi al-sadour. Allah Ta’ala says that we know that we will not steal your eyes and heart because that much I know.

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