attaining Noor ilahi

The act of avoiding the curse of Allah & attaining Noor Ilahi

The method of attaining Noor Ilahi

Act with courage, God willing, you will become the leader of the light in a short period of worship. For example, if a person earns 100,000 ren (the currency of South Africa) and people take away da every day, he will remain poor and a person earns 10,000 per month but spends 5,000 ren and saves 5,000. So, in a few days, this prince becomes a merchant, and it is known that the whole town has become a car, and just like that you will become the prince of Al-Anwar, God willing, as much as you worship, everyone will have light stock and nothing will be wasted. It will happen and in a few days you will become a Sahib, you will have another name, and the Hakeem Ummat Thanvi, may God bless him and grant him peace, says that he is a Sahib.

Khawaja Sahib asked Hakeem-ul-Umat where this Sahib term of relativeness came from because it did not exist in the time of the Companions. So Hazrat said that it is hidden in Gurka, on the day when the light will be full, that is, the heart will be filled with light, it will start to reflect on the face, it will start to shine from the eyes, and to this Allah said, May the heart of my lovers be full. Kar is filled with light, blessed by piety The light is not lost, it shines on their faces, and our light drips from their eyes, seeing them they remember Allah, whoever sees the people of Allah remembers Allah, like the one who sees the first soil of South Africa. Yes, he remembers gold because he says that if there was gold here, then gold should change the color of the soil and Allah, the creator of gold, should not change the color of the faces of his lovers.

The act of avoiding the curse of Allah

Understand this problem of finishing that protect the sight, there is no room for evil sight that our heart is pure, our heart has piety, our sight is pure. Allah says in the Quran. O Muhammad (PBUH) Tell the believers to protect their eyes. And whose hadith should I bring more than Bukhari Sharif that Zina al-Ain-e-Nazar wants to see the Hussains, whether they are concubines or concubines, this is adultery with the eyes, respect your round hats, respect a fistful of beard.

Thank you for attending Hajj, Umrah, Multzam, and Ruza Mubarak, but tell me why you don’t live as God’s servants on the streets, just as you live in these places as God’s people. Tell me! Is the person walking on the streets a servant of Allah or not? Or there is such a problem that a servant is a servant at a certain time, otherwise, he is dirty.

Lily and Molly cannot unite in one heart

Without extracting Laila from the heart, you will not get mooli, in la ilaha, there is the release of Leila and in ala Allah, there is the acquisition of mooli. Aren’t these words telling that Akhtar has the grace of God Almighty? In La Ilah, there is escape from Laila and in Ila Allah, there is the attainment and nearness of the Lord. In La Allah, it is related to Laila, and in Ila Allah, it is connected to Molly. When the eyes suddenly fall somewhere, do not let the eyes linger even for a second, so that the act of Fafrua Ilya Allah is performed. , one breath, one soul, so much time passed on your resolution while the command is to escape, you gained resolution by increasing one point on the Fa of escape.

Ignorance is the poisoned arrow of Iblis, Iblis is the ultimate manifestation of Allah’s name Mazhal, Allah’s attribute of misguidance is manifested through Iblis, and ignorance is the poisoned arrow of Iblis, when the name of Allah Almighty If you stand in the shade, how will you get guidance? Can you compete with Allah? This is a competition with God Almighty. To fight with a big man is to fight with that big man.

Food lovers

Hazrat Maulana Shah Muhammad Ahmad Sahib Partab Garhi, may God bless him and grant him peace, himself told me that after Isha, he had a majlis in which only poems were recited. At Fajr everyone prayed Fajr Read from the congregation, and after that, the assembly started again, in the end, all the Isharaks were recited and all of them were great scholars of Nadu. Allah’s love poems are also the food of Allah’s lovers.

Lovers of food should listen

Poems of Allah’s love and knowledge are the food of lovers, this is the food of the saints, who are the Companions of Prophet Muhammad, I heard this from Hazrat Partab Garhi, may God bless him and grant him peace, that four of the Companions were poets, Hazrat Fatima (RA) and Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqa (RA) also recited poems. Poetry was not given to the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) because it was not suitable for the glory of him (peace be upon him). God Almighty did not match the poems to the Prophet (peace be upon him) as a form of wisdom.

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