Beard Commandments It is obligatory to have a beard.

Beard Commandments

One article about the structure is explained, the structure is very big, I want to describe the structure which is getting damaged, why do you need the whole structure, all the rest. Okay fine. Now let me fix the other structure, what is it? It’s the beard that some people don’t have.

A person said to Maulana Shah Ismail Shaheed (may Allah have mercy on him) that Maulana! Why is a beard ordered in Islam? This is an unnatural thing, when a child is born, where is the beard? It is against nature that you order a beard? Does anyone have a beard at birth? Maulana Ismail Shaheed, may God bless him and grant him peace, said that when you were born, you did not even have teeth in your mouth, these teeth are also against nature, break thirty-two teeth and come to me. He said that Maulana! What a stupid answer you gave. Hey! I broke my teeth, he replied you broke my sister’s teeth, and you have given an argument that is against teeth.

It is obligatory to have a beard.

Lest a ten-year-old barber cut your beard with his fist, friends! The second argument is that a multi-day is obligatory for all four imams. According to Imam Abu Hanifah, Imam Shafi’i, Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, and Imam Malik, may Allah have mercy on him, keeping a fistful of beard is wajib. And whose fist is it?

If you are your own, you are, you are a small handful of a poor person, then it has become your job because the self wants you to be, the self wants me not to be of seniority, to be younger, not to be senior so that The wife should also be considered to be low-born, and those who see black and white people on the roads should also understand that someone is going young. Hey! Don’t look at anyone’s eyes, look at how Allah, who created you, wants your cheek, and make your cheek as Allah wants your cheek.

Tell me! Who created the cheek? So please your master no matter what the world says. Some of the men dared to keep their beards, but they didn’t keep a fist, they kept cutting it.

Why do you have a minor beard?

Why don’t adults do it? If your child is not fifteen years old and is not an adult, then you will tell the Hakim or the doctor that his age is It’s done but it’s not growing up and I want to marry it, I want to be a grandfather. So keeping a beard as a minor should make you sad. But don’t keep a beard bigger than a fist, some people have a very big beard, one person had a beard up to his navel, he used to press his beard to his armpit when he urinated.

That is why some scholars have written that it is makruh to have a beard larger than one fist and some scholars have written that it is not preferable, but for the Qazi i.e. Hajj Bayt, one finger can be more than one finger, and the Hajj of the Supreme Court i.e. Qazi al-Qadat is two than one fist. A finger can hold more but for common people only a fistful is enough, if it exceeds a fistful, cut it off, it will make you look cute and charming otherwise talk too.
If you do, the beard will continue to burn.

It is obligatory to keep a fist on all three sides of the beard

Some people keep a fistful of beard from the front, but less than a fistful from the right and left, keep a fistful of beard from all three sides, i.e. from the front, right, and left as well. The beard is from the beard, so it is obligatory to keep a fistful of beard below the cheekbone. And keep it beautiful by applying oil to the beard. Some people made a letter from the cheeks, then a line was left while making the letter and the whole cheek became empty, this is also not permissible.

It is permissible to make the letter of the beard from the upper jaw, there are two jaws, one above and one below, where the two jaws meet, it is called the gathering of Jabr three, so you can make the upper letter from where the two jaws meet, but the bottom. It is forbidden to make a letter towards the jaw, it is not permissible.

Commandments of the Bearded Child

In the same way, some people have a full Sharia beard, but they cut the beard, the hair below the lower lip is called a beard, a beard is always a child, it will never become this, it dies. He remains a child until his tail, even his ear is forbidden. This gentleman said that I am a bearded child because food comes into my mouth while eating. I said that if your little dear child puts his finger in your mouth, you cut off his finger or explain to him that dear son! They do not put a finger in Baba’s mouth.

In the same way, say to the child with a beard, “O my child, do not put my beard in your mouth and apply oil or water to it so that it does not enter your mouth.” Some people’s beard hair reaches below the neck, people ask how much hair can be cut here. So all the hairs that are mixed with the beard are forbidden to cut and those that are hanging down except the beard can be cut.

The problem of mustaches

Sheikh Al-Hadith Maulana Zakaria Rahmatullah Alaihi Ujaz al-Masalik Sharh Muta Imam Maal is even more related to this. You can keep the mustache so that it touches the last edge of the upper lip, i.e. the end of the upper lip. It is permissible to have a little mustache, but if you want first division, full marks, like a top-ranked house or a low-ranking one? And do you want a high-class wife or a modest one? Do you want high-quality meat or a large animal? When you want high rank everywhere, why is Lala made here, so the mustache is written very finely?

He recited Mota to Mota and said that Mota is written in Imam Malik, then this scholar said that a person does not become a scholar by reading Urdu. Muta is called Muta, today it is known how ignorant you are, you don’t even know the name of the book. So, in Volume No. 14 of Mota Imam Malik’s Sharh and Jaz al-Masalik, Shaykh Al-Hadith Maulana Naz Kariya Sahib, may Allah have mercy on him, collected all the hadiths and wrote this decision that trimming the mustache with a machine or scissors is the highest and best.

They used to do it so much that the whiteness of their lips could be seen from a distance. I say stay at the best level, there is another benefit of this best that the best woman in your house is very happy with it, so I say this verse or Durkho. Make your lips like theirs.

Adopt some resemblance to them

which is permissible and a cause of excellence and reward. Hum dates hum reward. I had some students from Reunion who were scholars and hafiz also came to me for specialization in tafsir, I told them that their mustaches are big, and wives are afraid of it, so trim them. Stay on top. He said that my mouth would be small, I want to be small. I said that once you follow my advice, you are also my devotee and disciple. At my request, they trimmed the mustache for the experiment and ran the machine on it.

After that, when the wife saw, she said to him, “Thank Pir Sahib, because I used to suffer from your mustache, you used to poke my soft cheeks.” It’s been ten years, but every time I go to the reunion, I say to them, Bhai! Your face has become smaller, and you have not grown a mustache, so you laugh a lot, saying that now you have no courage, Mir Ahsan has already grown, now even my wife does not allow me to grow a mustache.

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