Virtues of Companionship of the People of Allah

The People of Allah

A native mango will have to be grafted with a lame mango, then it will become a lame mango, otherwise the native will remain a native, read a hundred thousand books, give him a hundred thousand degrees, but he will remain a native of the native, that is, a sour mango, if his degree Seeing that, if someone transplants it, then he will remain destitute even in rural areas, his life will be lost. Therefore, those scholars who did not associate with the people of Allah did not become the people of Allah, ask them about the problem, but chose the companionship of those who took the association of the people of Allah and became mortals.


The Maulvi wants to leave the Madrasa and immediately become a Umarqi by working in the mosque at Manhar, while to become an Arab, one must first become a Marbah, then one becomes a Murti, just like first one becomes a son, then one becomes a father. , first becomes a student then becomes a teacher. My Sheikh Shah Abdul Ghani Sahib May Allah bless him and grant him peace, said that a Hindu went to a Guru and said, Guru Ji, make me your disciple, he said that becoming a disciple is very difficult, it is not an easy task, he said that

If it is difficult to make a chela, then make your gur the same. Hazrat Bheka Shah ate a mouthful of the alms of his foot and became a gentleman. Hence his title was Bheka Shah.

Bheka Shah sacrifices himself to his Sheikh and Pir Abul Maali during the day, because the previous ga, i.e. the crow, has left Laili and found Molly. Tell me, who gives salt to Leela Oo? Allah gives When Molly comes into the heart, it will bring the salt of the whole world to the universe, then, God willing, your heart will be devoid of these beauties. You can’t understand it with a dictionary, you will understand it yourself when the radish comes to your heart.

Do you know the meaning of marriage?

A girl asked another girl if she heard that you got married.Beyah Ho Gaya means he has become ah, he who used to ah ah for a wife, now he has got a wife and his ah has ended, now he has become Beyah, hence his name is Biyah. So one girl asked another girl, “Sister, is your marriage done?” She said, “Yes, it is done.” He said that sister! It is not something to be told, you will not understand by telling when you too get married, then you will understand yourself.

Friends like that! Give a hundred thousand speeches, you cannot understand until Molly comes to your heart, you cannot understand how lovely Molly is, so lovely that the blood of the Prophets has been shed in his name, in the bazaar of Taif. The blood of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has been shed. At the foothills of Uhud, seventy companions were martyred in one day. They Allah, on whom the lives of their lovers are sacrificed, on whom the blood of prophets flows, on whom the lives of the Saints of Allah are God, that Allah is so dear that words cannot describe.

What do those who are dusted on the soil know what Allah is?

Their soul is not yet mature, their soul is stuck in the mud.Allah gives so much joy and so much sweetness to faith in saving sight that no one can describe it. Are you enjoying what I am describing? This fun is coming like this. It is the mercy of Allah Almighty, Allah has allowed lifting the shoes of the elders in this era. When we lived near our Peer, we didn’t even get breakfast, there was no bath house, we had to bathe in the cold water of ponds and rivers in severe winter, and there were no flush and latrines in our time, in the forest. Had to go. But I thank Allah that He kept me with my Sheikh even in such circumstances. This is said to you so that you can see how you are despite tea and halwa.

Just pray to Allah that Allah Ta’ala will recondition us, take out the dirty heart, and grant us all the power to protect our eyes, grant us all the power to protect our hearts, and O God! By your mercy, grant Akhtar to my family, the entire Muslim Ummah, such a high position of faith and belief that every breath we take is devoted to you, and we do not take a single breath by displeasing you and injecting forbidden pleasure into our hearts.

O God!

Purify our hearts and our souls from the dishonor and baseness and malice of getting the forbidden pleasures by angering you. I am praying with a lot of pain that O Allah! We eat your sustenance and make our hearts happy by making you unhappy
Let’s do it, isn’t it a bastard? Isn’t that ungrateful? Isn’t this an insult to God Almighty?

O God!

Purify our hearts and souls with your mercy. May the whole world not be able to separate us even a fraction of a hair. A moment from you, the world of self. Not the world of Satan. Not the world of kings, not the world of romantic world, not the world of biryani papad samosas. Neither the world of black and white, no world can separate us from you even for a moment. O God! By your mercy make us cling to you, sacrifice our lives for you every moment. Make our hearts weary of the forbidden pleasures of displeasing you even for a moment, sins.

End the relationship

Give us pleasure in sacrificing ourselves for the pure. When we save our eyes, let our hearts be intoxicated that oh my Molly! What grief I bore in my heart at your command. So save your sight and thank Allah for this. O Allah! Let not a breath of our life pass in disobedience to you. The breath of the believer, the time of the believer is most cursed and cursed. When he angers his Lord and pleases his enemy. May Allah Ta’ala purify our hearts and make our hearts. And souls pure with His Self, like a mother clings to a small child. Couldn’t pull a single hair. Do a little hard work, and stay with the people of Allah. God willing, these blessings will come easily. May Allah Ta’ala help us, Amen.

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