Manuals of islam

Manuals of islam to get full benefit from this sermon

Manuals of islam

The practice that lifts the veil from the heart, has a few components, one is seeing or hearing Manuals of islam. Continue to explore other issues. Thirdly, go to the people of Allah, and if it is not possible to serve them, then instead of their companionship, study the stories and anecdotes of such elders, listen to them, and if you even remember Allah for a while, then this is the reformation of the heart. I am very definite and take some time out of the time of this zikr for reckoning, in which talk to yourself like this:

“O soul!

One day you have to leave the world. Death is also coming. At that time all this wealth will remain here. Your wife and children will all leave you. And will be related to Allah Ta’ala. If you have more good deeds, you will be forgiven, and if you have more sins, you will have to suffer the punishment of hell, which is unbearable. Therefore, think about your end and make some provisions for the hereafter. Age is a precious wealth. Don’t waste it in vain. After death, he will wish for it! I should do some good deed that will get forgiveness. But this regret will not be useful for you at that time. So consider life as a treasure and prepare for your forgiveness at this time.

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