The cause of suffering in sins

Suffering in sins

Understand that they are the audience of Allah Almighty. As much sin and disobedience is happening in the world and as many people are suffering from the punishment and wrath of Allah Taala due to their wickedness due to their forbidden pleasures. What is the reason for this? Today I am presenting a basic article that what is the reason for this. The reason for this will be that two men stood in the election both of them are your friends both of them are asking for votes so who will you vote for? Which will be more related. Similarly, one thing is the forbidden pleasure of sin, on the one hand. you self want that rob forbidden pleasure and forbidden fun by committing sins. but on the other hand, Allah thinks that Allah is not pleased with this pleasure. who will you vote for?

If you obeyed yourself

Then it is proof that your relationship is more than yourself and you have put your relationship with Allah behind your back, but tell us if you have any regrets about it. Is it or not? Tell me so much that this soul will be of any use to you on the Day of Resurrection. Look in the world itself that those who acted on their own will were deprived of the closeness of Allah Taala throughout their lives and they died in a state of deprivation. So tell us, why do you believe the words of self-righteous and enemy?

It is also known that this is a sin, but where the self-made a request two or four times, then the residents and Sufis resisted two or four times, but when the request became more, they overpowered the self and let their hands and feet loose, and sin He blackened his face.

In this age types of sins

There are two types of sins, one is related to the structure and one is related to the finishing, these are two types of sins, one sin is damaging the structure and the other is damaging the finishing. The lack of both things makes the building suffer, if you don’t want to buy a building, look at the structure, take an engineer to see if the structure is strong or not, and look at the finishing, not just the plaster. And the stones are falling. Similarly, if you want to marry a girl, then people ask how is the girl.

Now there is a girl, her character is very good, the finishing is excellent, the lift of the nose is very good, the bow of the eyes is very good and what about the splendor of the ears, so her finishing is good but her structure is very poor. It is bad, he gave one kidney to his mother, and now he has one kidney. I am telling the truth, we got a phone call that my daughter is not getting married because she gave one of her kidneys to her mother, now anyone who hears about a kidney says that it is too much. It is a dangerous thing, if ever this one kidney gets damaged, what will I do?

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