A commandment for men to cover their ankles

Cover their Ankles

Today, the Muslim Ummah is suffering from both types of sins. First, let me explain the sin of structure. There is a hadith of Bukhari Sharif that it is forbidden to hang clothes below the ankles. A person who hides his ankle with a garment, be it trousers or a loincloth, commits a grave sin. Some people of the semi-dangerous type of faith put the punishment of arrogance in this order that it is forbidden to lower the dress below the ankles if it is due to arrogance, and there is no arrogance in us.

Sheikh Saadi

May God bless him and grant him peace, says: Whoever says that there is no arrogance in me is the most arrogant. That is, to say that I have broken arrogance, that which has come in the “I” is arrogance itself, to say that I have become pure, I have erased arrogance, this claim of sanctity is arrogance itself. is a symbol. Allah Ta’ala has made Tazkiyyah obligatory, but He has made it haram to call Himself Muzki. Keep reforming all your life but don’t say that I have reformed.

He says that whoever thinks that I have become a true Muslim, then understands that this is a great
It is an ominous watch, it was destroyed today. Because when a servant is good in the eyes of his servant, and when he is good in his eyes, then he is bad in the eyes of God. Since religion is very big, its structure is also very big. At this time, I will describe only two major structures, by following which all the screws of the structure will be tightened, and what is weak in practice will become strong, God willing.

At this time

I offer two structures, one is not to hide the ankle with your clothes. There are scholars of religion present here at that time, ask them about the hadith of Bukhari Sharif:
The part of the penis that is hidden by clothing will burn in hell. Imam Bukhari (may Allah have mercy on him) narrates this hadith with a very strong chain of transmission, but Bukhari’s commentator Allama Ibn Hajar Asqalani (may Allah have mercy on him) who wrote Sharh al-Bukhari in fourteen volumes under the name of Fateh al-Bari, is also an amazing master.

The Hafiz of Hadiths is writing a decision in Fateh al-Bari that I have collected all the hadiths, and all the hadiths provide evidence, proof that it is forbidden to cover the ankle. If someone is shy to show their ankles, very VIP, wear socks, cool socks in summer, warm socks in winter, your mouth is hidden and the job is also done, because the clothes from the bottom up. If the ankle is hidden by this garment, there is no sin in it.

Abu Dawud I have seen, in it Allama Khalil Ahmad Sahar Puri (may God bless him and grant him peace) says that if the garment is coming from above, then it is forbidden to cover it tightly and if it is coming from below, then there is no sin. Can’t object, because it’s coming from below. There is nothing wrong with wearing socks, even if they cover the ankles, knees, thighs, and stomach, and even bring it up to the head, just leave the eye part open and you will not walk away.

Some people said

“Sir, what is wrong with hiding the ankle?” One piece of cloth is more than 70 million Muslims in the world at this time, so that piece of cloth is wasted, divide it by twelve and you will get two feet, divide a foot by three and you will get yards, then you have millions of yards of cloth. It will be a waste, how many clothes can be made for the poor in this amount of time.

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