Islamic Approach to Healing: Seeking Spiritual Guidance

Seeking Spiritual Guidance

In our life journey, we face various challenges, including health issues. When we seek help, it’s vital to align our actions with our faith. Recently, a situation arose, raising a crucial question: Is it okay to seek healing from people like astrologers in Islam? In this blog, we explore this issue from an Islamic perspective, guided by the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Understanding the Dilemma

Balancing Health and Faith: A Delicate Question

The dilemma emerged when a family member struggled with psychiatric issues for a long time. Suggestions came to consult a woman who claimed to cure such conditions with just a patient’s name and prescription. However, Islamic teachings clearly say we should only seek healing and guidance from Allah.

Islamic Perspective on Seeking Guidance

Prophet’s Guidance: Healing through Divine Means

Islamic beliefs forbid going to astrologers or those who claim to know the unseen. These practices involve seeking help from unknown entities, which goes against fundamental Islamic teachings. Prophet Muhammad warned that seeking counsel from astrologers invalidates one’s prayers for forty days.

Emphasizing the Prohibition

Prophet’s Clear Stand: Rejecting Astrologers

The teachings of Prophet Muhammad strongly prohibit seeking guidance from astrologers or similar practitioners. This prohibition extends to confirming or questioning their practices. It’s not only discouraged but also considered obligatory to reject such individuals and report them to authorities.

Encouragement to Uphold Virtue

Promoting Goodness: A Muslim’s Responsibility

Islam encourages actively promoting good and discouraging evil. Prophet Muhammad taught that if one witnesses wrongdoing, they should strive to stop it, even if it means merely considering it wrong in their hearts. Reporting such cases to higher authorities aligns with this principle, aiming to maintain the integrity of Islamic society.

 Striving for a Righteous Path

Guided Healing: Balancing Faith and Challenges

In conclusion, Islam offers clear guidance on seeking assistance and healing while maintaining our faith. By adhering to these teachings, we navigate life’s challenges while upholding our beliefs and principles. Cooperation in goodness and piety, along with rejecting what is wrong, are crucial aspects of creating a just and righteous society.

We pray that Allah grants all Muslims the wisdom and strength to follow these teachings, ensuring improvement and protection from all kinds of evil. (Ameen)


In this blog, we’ve explored the Islamic perspective on seeking spiritual guidance for healing, specifically focusing on the prohibition of approaching astrologers and soothsayers. It is essential to align our actions with our faith, seeking healing and solutions in a way that resonates with our beliefs.

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