The Prohibition of Seeking Blessings from Mortals

Seeking Blessings from Mortals

Various cultures and communities practice seeking blessings from individuals, whether they are living or deceased. One such practice involves seeking blessings from the deceased. This exploration delves into the topic of Seeking Blessings from Mortals beings, shedding light on the Islamic perspective and the prohibition of such practices.

Seeking Blessings from the Deceased A Puzzling Practice:

In some regions, a peculiar practice takes place when someone passes away. The elderly women of the city gather around the deceased’s body, cover it with a cloth, and place it among them after shrouding it. When people inquire about the purpose of this ritual, they claim it is done to seek blessings.

The Islamic Ruling:

However, it is crucial to clarify that Islam does not endorse such practices. Islamic jurisprudence views seeking blessings from the deceased as a negative and illegitimate act. These practices are neither Sunnah nor permissible.

Prohibition of Seeking Blessings from Mortals:

Islam firmly prohibits people from seeking blessings from dead individuals or their graves. Approaching the deceased with the intention of seeking blessings or requesting their intercession in healing the sick or fulfilling worldly needs is impermissible. Worshipers should direct their acts of worship and seeking of blessings solely towards Allah Ta’ala.

Blessings from Allah Alone:

The fundamental concept in Islam is that people should seek blessings only from Allah, the One who is inherently blessed. Allah Ta’ala is the ultimate source of blessings and mercy. As the Quran states, “Blessed is He who sent down the Furqan on His servant (Muhammad peace be upon him), that he may be a warner to the worlds.”

The Blessing of Guidance:

For a human being, true blessings come from Allah Almighty when He bestows guidance, correction, and benefit upon His servants. This blessing is not tied to seeking blessings from mortals. A prime example is the blessing bestowed upon the servant and Messenger of Allah, Hazrat Jesus (peace be upon him). He proclaimed, “He [Allah] has given me the Book and made me His Prophet and He has blessed me wherever I am.”

The practice of seeking blessings from mortal beings, whether they are living or deceased, does not align with Islamic teachings. Islam emphasizes that blessings can only be sought from Allah, the Most High, who is the ultimate source of all blessings and mercy. It is essential to adhere to the guidance provided by Islam and refrain from engaging in practices that deviate from the core principles of the faith.

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