Ablution and Related Questions

Ablution and Related Questions in Islam

The Use of Soap in Ablution: Ablution and Related Questions

Is It Allowed to Use Soap While Performing Ablution?

Question: Can you wash your face and hands with soap while performing Ablution and Related Questions?

Answer: Ablution and Related Questions Using soap while performing ablution is prohibited, except in certain situations. The Holy Prophet emphasized, saying, “The troublemakers perished, the troublemakers perished,” three times. If there is dirt or an unpleasant smell on the hands that necessitates using soap, then using it is permissible. However, in normal situations, using soap during ablution is considered a nuisance and an innovation and should be avoided.

Kissing and Ablution: Understanding the Islamic Perspective

Does Kissing Violate Ablution?

Question: Does kissing violate ablution if done out of lust?

Answer: Umm al-Mu’minin Sayyida Ayesha Siddiqa has a hadith from Al-Sina: “The Prophet Aleem kissed one of his wives, then did not perform ablution and went to pray.” Scholars hold varying opinions on this matter. Some believe that kissing, with or without lust, violates ablution, while others assert that it only breaches ablution when there is lust involved. However, the ruling opinion is that kissing a woman, hugging her, or touching her, even with lust, does not invalidate ablution under any circumstances.

The Obligation of Ghusl After Sexual Intercourse

When is Ghusl Obligatory After Intercourse?

Question: Is it obligatory for the wife to take a bath if intercourse occurs without ejaculation?

Answer: Mere penetration makes Ghusl Janabat obligatory, regardless of ejaculation. The Messenger of Allah, the All-Knowing, stated that when a man tries to sit between the four branches of a woman, Ghusl becomes obligatory even if ejaculation has not occurred. Another hadith mentions that Ghusl becomes obligatory when two circumcisions (pubic areas) come into contact. Ghusl is also obligatory when using a contraceptive object in the womb, as it typically causes penetration and ejaculation. Only mere touching without penetration would require Wudu.

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