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He is on a chase to make the impossible become possible everyday. He is at it, and drives everyone to it too. He lives his life to the fullest.


What Women Think About During Sex ?

What women think about during sex
 Women are experts in multitasking, they do it better than men. Women can multitask anywhere and anytime...

12 Girl Signs Which Are Interpreted In A Wrong Way

There is this basic myth when a Girl says No it means Yes and since years Girls...

Don’t Marry Just Because Your Mom Asked You to!

If you are a girl and you crossed 25 or a boy who crossed 30 years of...

How To Deal With A Hot Girlfriend

It's Challenging to have a hot girlfriend specially when its Valentine's Day but having her is the...

Why Rape Has Become A Joke In India?

Why Rape Has Become A Joke In India?
  Watch this Girl deliver a 6 minute stand up Set on Rape. A must watch video for...

10 Best Gift Ideas For Long Distance Relationship

long distance relationship gift ideas
  Expressing your love for the special one with unique gift ideas is what makes Valentine’s Day special....

12 Worst Mistakes People Make In Their 20s

  A human being is ought to make mistake, we learn from those mistakes and never there can...

7 Sweet Little Ways To Tell A Girl She’s Gorgeous

Telling a girl she's beautiful is one the nicest compliment you can ever give her. Women love it...

3 Unconventional Ways To A Womans Heart

Ways To A Womans Heart
  The myth has been busted; women are NOT influenced by good looks or deep pockets! The age...

10 Interesting Psychological Facts That You Have Never Heard

psychological facts
Psychology is the study of mind and behavior. It helps us to understand people more deeply and...
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