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Poet, Writer, Journalist, Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader, Social Worker and Activist, Teacher, PR Professional, Research Enthusiast, Book Lover, Introvert, an IT engineer by qualification and Budding Psychologist.


How To Spot A Liar : 5 Psychological Signs Of Lying

Signs of lying
Signs of Lying is a trait which every homosapien acquires over time. There are many reasons to...

10 Things Girls Do That Guys Find Adorable

10 things girls do that guys find adorable
Impressing a boy might not be that hard for a girl. Just wearing a sexy dress and...

5 Tips on How To Flirt With Girls

how to flirt with girls
  How to flirt with girls ? This question is probably among the mostly asked questions in the...

8 Psychofacts Favouring Online Dating Over Offline Dating

favouring online dating over offline dating
  Dating is a phase of life. One can find people of every age group dating to find...

5 Myths People Believe About Marriage

If myths are to be believed marriage is where physical affection dies. Marriage is life sentence without...

7 Psychological Signs Why Being Busy In Life Will Hurt You

  Everyone is Busy, some with work, some with studies and few in all other things and sometimes they...

How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally

How to lose belly fat naturally
Does your fat belly bother you? Are you tired of hiding your bulging belly under loose-fitting tops...

How to Make Your Relationship Last

  Relationships are made beautiful when two people come together to share their love for one another. A...

5 Psychological Signs She Is Trying To Flirt With You

Confused whether she is interested in you or just playful around you? Girls never make it easy...

5 Psychological Reasons Why Nice Guys Don’t Always Get The Girl

"You are really a nice guy, but we can only be friends" - How many of you...
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